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Rah Rah Siss Boom Bah! St-Stevie the Cheerleader

Yes, Stevie has suddenly developped some form of patriotism. He is all ga ga giddy now that the Olympics have started. To him, patriotism means watching over-paid athletes perform death defying stunts and play silly games.

Heaven forbid these ‘athletes’ should go out and get a real job and step out of the bubble from training for whatever stunt or sport puts them on the road to Easy Street and actually live on Main Street, in the real world. Yes, I have the same opinion of the NHL, NFL and all other so-called pro sports. I never understood why these people should earn enough to feed a third world country just for being crazy or throwing a ball or having no qualms about beating the crap out of another in some form or another. But, I digress…

I for one, would like to thank the Bionic Liberal for reminding us what real patriotism is:

True patriotism will never be found in Stephen Harper’s aggressive flag waving or shouted superiority. Canadians honour their country best through the way they live their lives. Through neighbourly kindness, everyday decency and the respect we extend to our fellow citizens when no one is watching. Without these human qualities, the rest is just empty rhetoric and hot air.

Too bad it is everything but in Stevie’s and in so many others’ world. I have two problems with that.

My first problem is obvious: the government of British Columbia and of course, the Harpercons when they made that bid for the Vancouver Olympics at the expense of not only the average working folks, the homeless, and the rest of British Columbia’s disenfranchised.

Below is a press conference of one such event from earlier this week:

Protests and special events are under way to compete with the olympics for air time. And given that skiing events have been postponed due to slushy conditions today, I would say that the protesters would do well to get out there now.

Then there are the average tax payers. It seems that these Vancouver Olympics As someone who lives in the city that hosted the 76 summer Olympics, let me tell you we have only recently finished paying those off.

I know, the Harpercon cheerleaders who insist that their St-Stevie can do them no wrong and praise prorogation and the Olympics are more than likely happy about the cuts at the expense of Vancouver’s most vulnerable. I wonder how they’ll feel about not seeing a tax cut  as a result of cutting the poor?

The Other Problem I have with the Olympics

Another thing that bothered me about the olympics was the over sensationalized death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian Luger killed during a training run yesterday.  Nothing new there; if most of us didn’t have that sense of morbid curiosity which keeps us standing around watching train wrecks and of course, watching hockey solely for the bloody fights on the rink, those gory stories would never sell.

While his death was indeed a tragedy; apparently,  the officials should have seen this coming. The New York Times has offered a new nick-name for the Olympics February 10; before the young Georgian luger’s crash: Perilympics.

Thursday night, a Romanian woman sustained a concussion in a luge crash. Australian luger Hannah Campbell-Pegg almost lost control, but completed her training run. Nevertheless, the speed of the track alarmed her.

“I think they are pushing it a little too much,” Campbell-Pegg said. “To what extent are we just little lemmings that they just throw down a track and we’re crash-test dummies? I mean, this is our lives.”

Perhaps if officials had listened, the young luger might still be alive today.  I say ‘might’ because it is the same story of many of these so-called sports like snowboarding.

The other day, Canadian snowboard slalom racer Jasey-Jay Anderson lamented the relative lack of buzz around his sport.

“I guess we’re just not there,” he said. “We want people to kill themselves and break themselves apart in order to entertain us.”

Read here about snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his permanent brain damage now confined to a wheelchair just so he can beat his rival, Shaun White. A week later, White himself would have sustain a crash into a half-pipe, even losing his helmet, but by some miracle, managed to avoid serious injuries.

It is terrible that Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed in the way that he did, but even worse that he had to lose his life in this way in order to gain 15 minutes of fame.  He was not even a household name in his native Georgia.

I realize life goes on but due to the cancellation of some downhill skiing event, guess what was on the big tv screen? Ski-jumping! Another stunt where people can and do sustain the most serious of injuries and can potentially kill themselves.  Real nice.

The video below reviews the protests, budget cuts to Vancouver’s most vulnerable as well as the ignored complaints about the luge track. Don’t worry (or sorry to disappoint as the case may be for some); there are no graphic images of Nodar Kumaritashvili

Funny how Stevie tries to get Canadians to be proud of Canada now while we’re a laughing stock on the world stage and that he has turned parliament into the Adams’ Family mansion. Where was his patriotism when he referred to Canada as ‘a Northern European welfare state of the worst kind’ , east coast of Canada as ‘a culture of defeat’, and many other jabs he took at Canada?

The Bionic Liberal best defined patriotism, mentioned above. Something the St-Stevie’s fans will never ever get, sadly enough.

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