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The “Adult” Conversation Regarding Health Care in Canada-Rant Alert!

Don’t you all just fucking well love it when these idiot cons always equate “mature” conversation about health care with allowing a full take over by the private for profit sector? The Americanization of health care is a knockin’ at the door and the “mature” thing to do is to embrace it, it would appear, idn’t ??

Jeffrey Simpson, that wrinkled old connie coot over at the Grope & Fail is saying that the conversation ain’t quite “mature” enough to his liking.

Ok, then let’s have talk like adults then.  First “adult” to speak would be commenter The Work Farce:

The adult conversation is simple…what can we afford and what can we not afford.
So let the adult conversation begin.

Who’s in and who’s out?

Who’s expendable and eminently scapegoatable?

Communists and socialists to the back of the line. they’re lucky we don’t ship them out to North Korea.

Welfare recipients – They get basic care – a band aid for cancer, cod live oil for heart failure, the Heimlich Maneuver for a stroke.

The disabled – Unproductive losers. They get free Canadian air and a free wheel chair used only by a little old lady on sunny Sunday afternoons.

First Nations people – If they don’t pay taxes their out of luck. Try their local medicine man.

Octogenarians – Free euthenasia.

Ugly fat women with a hairy mole on their face – A free mop and bucket.

Hippies, guys with lip rings and women with green hair – Get to contribute their body parts to Canadian science.

Minimum wage workers – Minimum health care. They get a Swiss Army knife and a bag of sponges and get to perform their own gall bladder operation.

Immigrants not yet Canadian citizens – Get the special number 2 for 1 health care service with egg roll or chop suey. Egg Foo Young extra.

There I feel $50 billion dollars richer already.
I’m glad we had this little chat.
That settles it.

Well, not quite; here’s my 2 cents. The working poor, the elderly on fixed income, single parents on low incomes, the disenfranchised; here goes: Please, oh Please! Be mature enough to forget health care and be “brave” to suffer indescribable pain and suffering and further loss of income due to not being able to work, so your rich  life superiors can jump to the head of the line for their  hangnails and broken toes. Because, odds are, if you’re poor and that sick, it’s your own fault for making stupid decisions, right

Hell, lessee this go further!  Tell the poor to give up their organs so their rich superiors can continue their “productive” lives of stomping on everyone else below them…

Pregnant women? Unless they’re the wives of rich business men, let them do like the good ol’ days and squat in the backyard to have their babies…

Perhaps if a few of us healthy poor people are good, can we have the privilege of selling our healthy organs and tissues to the rich who may need ‘em?

And yes, we will want private for profit, because we hate our sick parasitical parents and grandparents! Never mind that they worked and paid taxes all their adult lives. Well, that is what cons are calling that “mature” conversation regarding health care,  right?

I’m waiting for nay sayers like Jeffrey Simpson, Margaret Wente,  Sleazey Sun Media’s Lorrie Goldstein, Michael Coren,  and the blogging romper roomies like Hunter, Jojo Blue like you,  Adrian McNair, Maria Dodo Can’t Spell Nunes to cut their respective provincial health insurance cards.  Have  Shona Holmes and her freakish husband (I have met him on line; not an experience I recommend: he and Twatsy must be related; ’nuff said) cut up their OHIP cards as of yet? I want to see that happen on Youtube for all to see.

What? Oh, because you still pay “health care taxes”? Well, tough! You don’t get to choose where your tax dollars go.  It’s a part of being a member of society. Although, I am wondering how many of these cons are still members of the human race?  Many of us still contribute to Canada Pension Plan, Quebec Pension Plan and Regie des Rentes Du Quebec for Quebecers and other pension funds and more than likely, we’re never going to see retirement. Your point is?

Even Doctors like that Brian May said something once upon a time like (paraphrasing):  health care can’t be equal for all; let’s at least make it good for those who can have it.

I wasn’t aware the hippocratic oath was only good for rich and healthy patients who will never really use the health care system.

There, I feel “mature”  already!  And the migraines, white hair  and other issues to prove it.

These cons have a problem paying more taxes for universal health care and other social programs,  but have no problems increasing spending on private prisons, insipid tough on crime bills and of course, the military and maintaining corporate tax cuts so executives can continue having plushy fringe benefits, 6-7 figure salaries, bonuses and the privilege to travel in big ol’ private jet planes!! Explain that one!

Yes, there;  now can I sit at the grown up table at dinner…please?  Huh…can I, can I, can I??

Please, before I get the everloving shit kicked out of me?

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