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Congratz are in Order Here

That is, congratulations to Antonia Zerbisias for her promotion to Features  at the Toronto Star from Sister Sage’s Musings

I love it when the right has their sails blown out of them.  If I  believed in angels, I would like to believe that everytime one of those right wingnut pundits is humiliated, an angel would get their wings.

More about the sad state of affairs of today’s right winged media here. 

Johnny Kay, who originally started the ugly rumour about Antonia losing her page, must be skulking under a rock  or hiding under mommy Babs ‘  skirt about now.

Whatever comments anyone made on Kay’s little effort at yellow journalism have mysteriously been sucked into some internet black hole.

Oh what a culture of paranoia these Connies are! No, John & BC Blue, sock puppetry is what your friends and their ilk tend to specialize in.  If Antonia wanted to comment at your little blue friend’s page,  I am sure she is more than capable of wiping the floor with the likes of you, using her own identity!! At least she’s not writing for a rag that is pretty much in bankruptcy.  

Again, Antonia, congratz!

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