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All Better Now? Good, Because Now, Craig, You’re Making Me Nauseous!

I first caught this bit of unoriginal  connie whining. This time about taxpayer funded abortions here and abroad.  No wonder Craig Smith doesn’t appear to have any friends. Anyhow his latest monsterpiece should send a flutter to the heart (assuming she has one) of Suzy ALLCAPSLOCK. I mean the following passage from Craigee’s place comes straight from Suzy’s playbook:

Knowing that I go to work everyday to pay for someone to kill their baby because they got drunk and couldn’t keep their legs together makes me sick. Abortion makes me sick – but having to pay for other people’s abortions makes me even sicker.

Well, Craig, ya know what? Fetus Fetishists like yourself make me sick. How stupid do you have to be that only drunk girls get knocked up? You don’t mention poor girls who may have been the victims of rape and /or incest, which leads me to believe you blame the girl for every mishap she may get herself into.  So, it’s a safe bet  you make normal functioning human beings sick to their stomachs.  Your blatant indifference to desperation makes me sick. Your utter lack of empathy for your fellow man makes me want to dive head first into my own vomit.

Once again, this must be explained it would seem. CC, as well as myself and many others, including many of your fellow Blogging Tories are all sick of paying for Afghanistan and everything that goes along with it.

JJ over at Unrepentant Old Hippie has also a few issues with her tax dollars going to your idol’s pet projects.

I will also add that I don’t like paying into a pension plan I will never see,  our useless senate and their expense accounts,  subsidizing corporate tax breaks,  subsidizing private for profit health care facilities most of us can’t even afford for ourselves, subsidizing tax credits to such right winged fringe groups like Ezzy IrreLevant’s place of employment and Shona Holmes benefactor, the Canadian Constitution Foundation or that new Evangelical Christian conversion center that’s being built and other groups like it or MP’s salaries. My latest outrage? The Chief of Police in Montreal has just retired at the ripe old age of 47 with a 6-figure pension for the rest of his life, courtesy of the tax payers, who will probably never be able to retire, because old age pension program will surely be gutted by then.  But I think we’re dealing with it, and therefore, so should you.

JJ has found a solution to your what’s ailin’ you.  There… There, All better now?  Now go wipe yourself, take Suzy with you, and for the love of Gawd, stop barking  at strangers!

3 comments to All Better Now? Good, Because Now, Craig, You’re Making Me Nauseous!

  • Afghanistan, where BORN babies are dying due to right-wing nutters’ folly, is sucking up a lot more of our tax money than abortion ever could.

    Nice sense of priorities Craig has. Must make him a hit with the ladies.

  • Susan

    I don’t see the need to argue about the apparent cause of unwanted pregnancies. Some woman get pregnant after rape or incest, others after unprotected consensual sex and some after protected sex because after all contraception is unreliable as we all know. It’s irrelevant. We woman get pregant because we are woman. We have a right to choose abortion for our own reasons, not because we are victims, but because we are free actors who have a biological responsibility to protect our own health and the health of our current and future children, our families and our communities from the enourmous personal and social cost of unwanted children and uncontrolled fertility. Society should share the cost of contraception and abortion because the social cost of unplanned pregnancies far outweighs the cost of providing health services that benefit us all, children, men and woman. Those woman who believe that it is morally wrong to abort an embryo for any reason are free to choose to continue the pregnancy to term. At no time do we have to justify our choices by talking about the reasons why we became pregnant. Unfortunately, once again, we do have to stand up and fight against those who would interfere with our right and our responsibility to make the best decision for ourselves and our families.

    ck Reply:

    Susan, no quarrel from me. I only brought up the incest and rape angle, because if you clicked the link to Craig the crybaby’s page, you would see that he thinks all women who go get abortions had a choice in having sex and thus should live with it. Unfortunately, he’s not the only left over from Deliverance to believe such a thing. I simply wanted to make the point that a lot of the time, women didn’t have the choice to have sex that led to the unwanted pregnancy in the first place.