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Happy Mother’s Day and of Course, The 50th Anniversary of The Pill; A Day to Remind us we Have Another Struggle Pending

What a journey it has been! JJ  best summarizes how fitting for both to fall on the same day, as she points out, motherhood should be a choice. A day like today should also remind that whatever reproductive rights we do have in Canada today was due to a lot of noise,  certainly no one shut the fuck up and a lot of hard work. For those reasons and the fact that Stevie Spiteful, with the help of such influential nasty fiends, like Charles McVety, not to mention media from backwards bitter biddies like, you guessed it,  Babs Kay.  There are, no doubt, more such ‘columnists’ in her midst ready to do battle for Steve and the growing SoCon element of his party.

Given that originally, along with not including abortion in any maternal aid package, the Stevie Spiteful clan was not even going to furnish any kind of birth control in its’ package. Following that STFU incident with Sen. Ruth (and even more of us before Sen Ruth even opened her mouth), most of us knew that Steve was divulging of what could come.  Fourteen groups had their aid cut. Many Harpercon  cheerleaders are claiming that simply these groups underperformed. Most of us, I hope are not dumb enough to buy this; make no mistake,  these groups had their funding cut because they simply didn’t march in lockstep with Brother Steve and his evangelical friends.

While Babs to date is pretty extreme in her views regarding sexual freedom and family planning, there are more in her midst who will be starting that growing movement to tell Canadians that not only abortion is bad but so is contraception as it is endangering the human race; translation: the potential extinction of white babies.  Lucien Bouchard made that comment about Quebec and he is leading that “lucides” movemement, calling for a more corporate friendly, less multicultural influenced, more family oriented Quebec. Recently, he was in some kind of meeting with Mario Dumont, former leader and founder of the ADQ party, longing for the dark days of Quebec under Maurice Duplessis prior to the Quiet Revolution. Those on the blogosphere probably caught on of the more wacko posts of wingnut  Pacheco of SoCon or Bust who were paranoid particularly after last StatsCan projections of  growing population of  visible minorities, who could well, by 2031, outnumber white people  in major urban centers, calling for a 500% tax on contraception as well as a bunch of other incoherent and insidious ideas on how to reverse the trend of the low Birth rate.

If more of these wingnuts like blogger Pacheco or well-known columnists like ol’ Babs grow in popularity, coupled with the lobbying of evangelicals such as the likes of Charles McVety, who claims he can get Master Steve on the phone within minutes, we will be pushed into regression and it will be sold under the guise of the ‘immigrants; particularly Muslim immigrants taking over’.   Obviously sexually frustrated Babs will undoubtedly, as she has already started to do, along with the help her little Johnny-boy and others to come will convince us that women are less fulfilled and are even more unhappy with accessible contraception.

Ogres like McVety will no doubt be behind Steve and the evangelicals writing up new anti-family bills, that would not only see abortion illegal once again, but can well see birth control of any kind becoming a black market commodity. They would try to ban, but if anyone learned from early 20th century America, prohibition doesn’t work; it often makes things worse. However, they will make that feverish effort for a white baby boom,  largely in part so they won’t have to allow brown and yellow people into this country.

Thing is, I wonder if women before the pill were really happy in their limited roles as mothers, wives and sisters?  Pretty much either only young women before getting married and/or the neighbourhood spinster would work and were limited to secretarial, nursing, factory work and teaching for those whose education went beyond high school.  If these socon clowns and evangelicals really believe we could all be happy going back to that time obviously never read any books by authors like Virginia Woolf or Sylvia Plath. They’v never read or even seen movies like  “The Man in the  Grey Flannel Suit” and “Payton Place” , or maybe they have and those are dismissed, particularly in the case of “Payton Place”. No, they don’t care.

Once again, such ideals should show up their hypocrisy: Charles McVety only has two children as does  Brother Steve. Lucien Bouchard only had two children himself. No matter. With all the events as of late, with the Socon movement within the Harpercons growing and ‘owning’ the media, coupled with the pushing of Evangelical Far right wankers like McVety, I can see  a society where not only abortion would be illegal, but birth control would also be illegal, or at the very least, so heavily taxed or much harder for the public at large to obtain, as  Wingnut Pacheco suggests. Like it or not, sadly, bigotry, particularly amongst the Islam population in Canada is growing, and if StatsCan, other polling firms and /or the media keeps churning out statistics like the rise of the Brown, Yellow and purple-polka dotted people and predictions that they will outnumber white folks; before we know it, women’s reproductive  rights in any shape or form are severely hampered as they may demand a society to have more babies, regardless of whether or not they are either wanted or if  folks can afford them. If this happens, prepare for the poverty rate to go up significantly.

The following video of Carly Simon’s song from 1972, “That’s the Way I Always Heard it Should Be”. The song adequately depicts the times, that women were supposed to get married because they were always told that it would make them happy.  In all fairness, many are happy following marriage. I’m happily married. However, sadly, for many, they are not.

Below, via Unrepentant Old Hippie, Loretta Lynn sings her classic, “The Pill” to celebrate the golden anniversary of the birth control pill on the Rachel Maddow show.

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Is the possibility mentioned above far fetched? Maybe yes, but I don’t think so. Years ago, Brother Steve even being elected for anything more than Dog catcher was unthinkable. His brand of hard right evangelical conservatism was out of the question and dismissed as going against Canadian values. His kind of bullying would have been admonished a few years ago. I have seen a Harpercon slogan of “de l’action; pas d’election” not that long ago, taking advantage of whiny lazy Canadians who are afraid of polling stations. No one could have ever dreamed of folks like Mary T who would love nothing better than for Steve to have no opposition, thus paving the way for a potential totalitarian regime.

Yes, many, including Lucien Bouchard do want to bring us back to the dark age and will succeed if we allow them to. They talk up a good game of ‘freeing’ the women and girls of Afghanistan, but by the same token, they want to restrict us further.

They, like Rona Ambrose with her big hair and my grandmother’s funeral suit, with help from Master Steve and some ‘persuasive’ prodding by Charles McVety, they will continue to shove down our throats what we want.

I want to thank JJ, the good folks over at Dammit Janet and so many other bloggers and pundits who continue to remain on top of changing abortion laws here, in the U.S. and worldwide as well as keeping us up to date with the issues, because, lord knows, today’s corporate right slanted media certainly will not.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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