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Vigil For G20 Detainees in Montreal and CLAC

This came into my Facebook inbox today. I knew about the event as I was at a meeting planning for this earlier this week. I was waiting for the final details.  For those who will be in the Montreal area Saturday evening, July 10, here are the details and I hope to see many there.  I am also copying and pasting the French details as well.

Vigile pour les détenus du G20

Carré Phillips
Samedi, le 10 juillet à 20:30

Afin de faire preuve de notre solidarité avec les autres villes canadiennes, nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre, le samedi, 10 juillet 2010, lors d’une vigile silencieuse à la chandelle au nom des manifestants toujours en prison, ainsi qu’au nom des libertés civiles canadiennes. Nous suggérons aux participantes et participants de porter du noir. Des chandelles seront fournies sur place, mais vous pouvez apporter les vôtres si désiré.

Laissez entendre votre appui aux détenus et à nos libertés civiles. L’usage excessif de la force et la violation sans précédent des libertés civiles ne peuvent être tolérés. Demandez une enquête publique indépendante, ainsi que la libération des détenus. Participez à la Journée d’action pour les libertés civiles qui aura lieu le 10 juillet 2010 qui aura partout au Canada.

Vigil for the G20 Detainees

Phillips Square
Saturday, July 10 @ 8:30 p.m.

In solidarity with other cities across Canada on July 10, please join us in a silent candlelit vigil for the detainees still in custody, and Canadian civil liberties. Participants are encouraged to wear black. Candles will be provided but feel free to bring some if you have any.

Demonstrate your support for the detainees and Canadian civil liberties. Excessive use of police force and the unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties should not be tolerated. Demand an independent public inquiry, and the release of the remaining detainees. Join the Day of Action for Civil Liberties in towns and cities across Canada on July 10, 2010.

Thanks Matt!

It is also to my understanding that there is probably going to be a demonstration organized mainly by CLAC (Convergences des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes) for Saturday, July 17. I didn’t stay throughout their whole meeting last night.  I am sure the details will come up soon. Here is their web site. By the by, they have numbers and email addresses for those Quebecers who were arrested at the G20 or know someone who was arrested there and needs either legal and/or psychological support and/or if you wish to give a testamonial, discussing your experiences at Torontanomo.

Contrary to how corporate media may portray CLAC,  they are bright, compassionate people who actually have a soul (I really can’t say that about too many people today).  Like many of us progressive bloggers and other groups dealing in either political activism and/or  social justice of any stripe, they are concerned about the future.  Like us, they find it unfair (an understatement) that after the U.S. financial sectors gets greedy ga ga with their deregulations and banks lending money that didn’t exist,  Stevie Spiteful goes in cahoots with world leaders to cut their deficits in half within a few years on the backs of the working class and society’s most vulnerable, while these politicians like Stevie spiteful continue to go to bed with big oil and the banks and other fat cats from Bay Street.  These MPs still keep their gold plated pensions while many of us fear never being able to see retirement at all. Here is CLAC’ s web site again.

As for the other cities, I understand marches and other events are planned for this Saturday, July 10 as well as on the 17. Please  check around and please partake in your local events. The  civil rights of all Canadians depend on it. Apathy is what will have us stripped of these very rights.

Oh and Chris Karagiannis, for the record, since you made a colossal ass of yourself when you stated that the protesters don’t even know what they’re protesting anymore: let me fill you in. The vigil is for the G20 detainees and the victims of police brutality.  The demonstration come July 17 (if that is still happening; still looking for confirmation about that) will be about the same thing.

If you’re wondering what they were protesting originally at the G20; see above.  There were many other things protested, but frankly I don’t have the time to entertain the likes of you. Go play with your flags now.

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  • A bright and compassionate group? Not buying it, not when my friend’s brother was nearly beat up during the riots in Toronto by groups like your “compassionate” protesters. And there are also those who like to plant bombs…

    This is actually a pretty funny website. You think you know what you’re talking about, you stick to fringe websites for your information, even joining a few political fringe groups (Red and White Ribbon Campaign? Wow, talk about lack of reality), but I guess seeing how you haven’t bothered leaving your little bubble to educate yourself, this result is expected.

    Having spent time in China, having seen what socialism did to that country (TORE IT APART!), I wouldn’t want you nor the NDP running anything (last time I checked, they ran Ontario into the ground when they had power). What is downright pathetic is how any one of the billion+ individuals would trade places with you to get out of the hell socialism created, and yet here you are wishing that Canada could be more like China. The very same system you rail against, capitalism, saved that country. As they say, Mao gave them “freedom”, but Deng put food on the table.

    Hilariously pathetic, but go ahead, keep being irrelevant… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    P.S. I guess you didn’t get the memo, Bono is now pushing “trade, not aid”, and yet here you are pushing “free rice”. Open trade with a country, you help freed them for life, but give them handouts, you make them dependent… Pathetic,,,

    ck Reply:

    Your capitalism begets violence; poverty begets violence. Inequality begets violence. China was never socialist. Read up on your definitions. It wasn’t even true communism.

    Yes, to you cons, I get that a site offering to help others would be foreign to you. Helping others suffer is more your mantra, you sadistic piece of shit.

    Doesn’t your church teach compassion toward your fellow man? Oh, that’s it; you cons these days conveniently block that out. Betcha can’t wait for Andy Schlafly and his crew to rewrite the bible for ya.

    YOu’re fulll of shit. Perhaps your friend’s brother was beaten by a cop. There is nothing even in your Harpercon media to even remotely suggest that any protesters beat up anyone. They (especially, Natty PO, many G & M columnists, Sun media, CTV) would have been itching to cover such a story; hell, they would invented such a story if pesky entities like legal matters weren’t involved.

  • Not communist (human nature prevents this), but China was socialist, you read up on your history. Mao created a system which collapsed once (Great Leap Forward), and nearly a second time before his death. It was capitalism which saved that country, something you refuse to acknowledge. Poverty begets violence, yes, but Marx was the one who turned to the poor for violence for social upheavel. Once again, history.

    Helping others suffer? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”, ever heard that? This is the approach Bono and his people are now taking towards Africa as decades of aid have brought about more poverty. The failure of Band Aid? Studies show governments in developing nations spend less as foreign governments give them more. Also, the majority of the time, the money given doesn’t make it to the poor. The UN’s Oil for Food program? Who’s the one pushing misery?

    Compassion is the thousands upon thousands of missions around the world funded by Church dollars and donations. Schools, hospitals, shelters, with thousands more people volunteering. Your kind would simply throw money at the problem, hope it goes away and pat yourself on the back for it.

    As for your nonsense about “Harpercon media”, firstly, they have existed long before Harper took power, so this idea that he is some how behind them is downright stupid. While CBC is “acceptable”, the Toronto Star is garbage, Tyree is moronic and Rabble is downright disturbing. Aside from your limited choice is information, you facts are beyond skewed. Police attacked as rioters threw stones, charged shield lines, etc pictures and videos all over the internet about that and the various weapons they carried. What does a peaceful protester need with hatchets, knives, sledgehammers, nailguns, handguns, etc? I read one comment from your “lunatic fringe” that stated that these individuals needed such “protection” from police. Pathetic…

    You have never truly had your rights denied, you have never even lived in country which would do such a thing, yet here you are ranting about it, while trying to deny the rights of others. You kind of “progression” is societal regression, and where it has been tried, it has failed MISERABLY. Look at Greece, see what socialism did to that country. How can you support a system that has caused so destruction and death? You are a pathetic individual, and I feel sad that you are so misinformed and downright ignorant of the most basic facts…

    ck Reply:

    Cons like you don’t want to teach people to fish; you just want to continue making it even more difficult for them to learn to do so. You enjoy watching others suffer because you’re so miserable yourself

    Socialism works just fine; take a look at Sweden and Norway; countries that consistantly outrank us when it comes to quality of life. Anyone should be so lucky as to live there.

    Police states just don’t happen over night. They happen incrementally and turning Toronto into an armed fortress, Chief Blair inventing laws to suit his whims and anybody even so much as having been in the wrong place at the wrong time going from point A to point B being subject to arrest and being beaten by police. Ducking a billy club warranted a resist of arrest charge? They should have allowed the billyclub to strike perhaps, in your perfect little world? All were a taste of that police state.

    The corporate media has shifted in Harper’s favor, That you can’t argue with.

    If you’re still ignorant to not have read that not even the black block had hatchets and all those things you described; those were found from non-g20 related events; even before the G20 stormed into town; many from some poor geek going to play some fantasy jousting game. Another set from some individual who lives in the sticks who happened to have been off his meds and carried this weird stuff because he thought his neighbours were going to kill him. There was a story in the Sun about that.

    I would provide links, but clearly from that verbal diarrhea you just displayed, you don’t bother reading inconvenient facts.

    Once again, none of the black block were arrested. There was no property damage on Sunday. Yet the bulk of arrests happened on Sunday. Look up your timelines.

    Much of this Black Block bullshit reeks of agents provocateurs anyway. Remember Montebello 2007?

    The main problem with Greece, you moron, is tax evasion. Don’t argue Greece with someone who worked for them and lived amongst them for years, you blithering clusterfuck. Most Greeks don’t pay their taxes; no matter what government is in power. A Greek businessman told me that if Greeks were somehow motivated to pay their taxes; they would already jump ahead of the game. Funny they have always lived above their means. They only become a convenient scapegoat simply for belonging to the EU and using the euro. If they were still using the Drachma and not a part of the EU: we wouldn’t be hearing anything about them.

    Glad you worship China. A police state; a dictatorship. Workers are paid maybe a dollar or 2 a day. No child labour laws. Imagine; children working in a sweatshop. But, then, you don’t care about that. Hell, the new conservatives would advocate for slavery if they could get away with it. Nothing free about that country. How is capitalism saving the average working class Chinese family?

    There’s nothing “compassionate”about your church. Condition to receive their help is conversion to Christianity; implying Christianity is superior to all other religions.

    Now run along and play in your sandbox; I hear your mommy callling you.

    By the by; you never answered my question. What did John Pruyn the amputee do that was so terrible that warranted having his artificial leg ripped from under him and being savagely dragged on the ground rather than being allowed to walk with his artificial leg? As an employee for Revenue Canada; he would most likely have cooperated with police and taken up his issues with his lawyer later. In fact, when you come back answer this question only.

  • Recent polls show that it is the religious and conservative minded people who lead longer, happier and healthier lives. Didn’t get that memo either?

    Sweden and Norway also pay upwards of 43% in taxes, one of the many reasons they are among the most expensive countries in the world to live in (didn you know that?). Such economies maintain a very fine balance which could lead to complete collapse. As for the quality of life, their high ranking is due to this robust welfare system they have. You can’t judge a country’s standard of living by the poorest, but this is what you see. Once again, the cost of living is ignored in these surveys.

    You never even lived in a police state, so cut that nonsense out. I spent a year living in Nantong, China, and last time I checked, THAT WAS A POLICE STATE. That sort of thing does happen over night, actually. Look at Venezuela, look at what happened after Hugo Chavez took power. Even CNN was reporting on his secret police going around in the night making people disappear. Canada is nowhere near that. Freedom of press, freedom of speech, etc all things which are targeted in a police state. Once again, no one was arrested for that bending of the law, and, as pictures and videos have shown (did you look at that one I put up?), they weren’t “ducking” billy club, they were the ones swinging 2X4s, baseball bats, etc You provide no proof of any of this, just the words of politically bent individuals. We have seen the evidence, we saw the damage the protesters did, attacking police officers and their horses (I thought you cared about animals?), and with 66% of Canadian thinking police action was somewhat justified, you are on the FRINGE!

    Corporate media has shifted in Harper’s favour? Since when? CTV, CBC, National Post, everyone in the press has pressed him on keeping his MPs quiet, criticized him on the handling of the economy, even attacking him for going to hockey games (“Harper was cheering at a Leafs game after refusing to deal with Canada’s problems” blah blah blah), so don’t give me this “Corporate media” nonsense. He got good press at the G20 since he led the call for balancing budgets. With deficits going up, investors have lost confidence in Western economies and have demanded something be done before a second collapse. With Obama pushing more spending, Harper led the European and Asian powers in denouncing that failed policy. That’s it. Seeing how you refuse to watch any news except CBC, it is easy to see how you wouldn’t know this…

    The role players in the park who had their foam swords, shield and chain mail taken were there on Sunday. I covered this and everything else my blog, so you are welcomed to visit it.

    Being a history student, I know not to make claims without proper evidence to back it up. I have links, videos and even pictures, so go ahead and claim that your eyes are deceiving you or that I edited all of it to push my beliefs.

    Yeah I remember Montebello 2007. I saw the footage, undercover agents on on walkie-talkies pointing out violent members to clothed officers. I also remember these police later being attacked by protesters, than blamed for the whole event for not being inconspicuous enough. What of it? These anarchists attacked store fronts, undercover agents pointed them out, and then these rioters were arrested. Conspiracy theories don’t fly with me…

    Greece collapsed under the weight of the welfare system that was created. Guaranteed employment under the constitution, nearly half of the country’s workforce in the public sector, retirement for public officials at 50, etc Even the New York Times criticized this. What do you think kept that system afloat? Heavy taxes. Such a welfare system relies on heavy taxes on private firms (public officials are paid with tax dollars), so when the economic collapse hit, these companies were put out of business and the “well dried up”. They lived well above their means, and yet you don’t get that. Their mismanagement nearly brought the EU down with them. Both France and Germany are looking at losing their triple A rating (think credit score) for bailing out this country. Don’t you even know the basic facts? Of course not…

    China is a demonstration of the benefits of capitalism. Sweat shops? Those sweat shops pay their works far more than local business do. With the cost of living, you can easily live off a few dollars a day (street vendors sell a huge bowl of noodles for 50cents). Didn’t think of that eh? The totalitarian regime is what is left over from the days of Mao, which was socialism at its finest. When Deng Xiaoping took office, the standard of living in China dramatically rose. Is it perfect? Far from, but many of these people are making as much, if not more, money than I made per month there. Cheaper goods and more jobs means more people have access to goods and services (cost of living once again). They say only farmers don’t have cellphones in China (the first thing I was told when I arrived in Nantong). Corporations have led to the creation of the middle class, and it is that middle class which will force the government to make changes to address the poor living conditions in that country. You haven’t been to China, so you have no leg to stand on. Your views are baseless, and have no grounding in reality. You won’t even take the blame for the mess your brand of politics created… How pathetic…

    Conversion isn’t a necessity, and while they send missionaries to these regions with the aid and help workers, they help everyone in the community. What is wrong with that? Oh, I know, you hate Christianity. Only Buddhism and Islam can be good faiths eh? The left’s religious hypocrisy is near legendary, and you deny the fact that out of all the faiths, only the Christians were the one willing to educate their subjects. And no, that isn’t “verbal diarrhea”, that is fact. Look at the oldest Western educational institutions, all founded by Christians. You SERIOUSLY don’t know history, but then again, your kind would rather make it up then study it.

    Weren’t you listening? I did answer your question, “Protesters were tearing up Toronto streets for bricks, carrying around 2x4s and using mannequin legs as weapons (as shown in the video), why shouldn’t an artificial leg be viewed as a weapon of opportunity?” Being a public sector employee doesn’t make you immune to search and seizure. He was there protesting, protesters brought a slew of weapons of opportunity, prosthetics have been used in the past to conceal drugs and smaller weapons, and seeing how threats were made on the lives of the G20 leaders, why shouldn’t the police take every precaution? You see, you actually didn’t answer my question with this one, but that is okay, I doubt you have the brain power to do it.

    As for “playing”, you are the one on the lunatic fringe, I would assume you were in fantasy world, playing at make believe. Keep up the pathetic blog, it just allows the police to keep tabs on you and your radical readership… Hilarious…

    ck Reply:

    Greece: Heavy Taxes? I already told you; most of them don’t pay their fair share of taxes; high taxes; low taxes; tax evasion is one of the main problems in that country. What’s wrong with guaranteeing employment for everyone? Don’t you cons like it when everyone is working?

    Germany and France are getting something out of bailing out Greece. Make no mistake. They’re not doing that out of the goodness of their hearts. How naive do you have to be to think that? As I’ve mentioned, Greece has always been the way that it is today. The other EU countries, including France and Germany knew this very well before jumping into bed with the Greeks.

    Every economist and the Greek business people I talk to have said that it is in Greece’s better interest to default and drop out of the Euro; go back to their own currency.

    There you again; no religion is superior or inferior to another.

    Again, trying to justify pure evil. You know how stupid your justification was. The guy’s leg was attached to his body. The cops ripped it from his body. He was using it for walking. How exactly was he using it as a weapon?

    Do you hear yourself? Being a public service employee doesn’t make you immune to search and seizure. You imply that everyone should be subject to search and seizure. I suppose that couple who had their apartment stormed at 4AM Sunday morning by cops refusing to show their warrant is ok by you too? Is this the society you really want? Search and seizure any time we walk on the streets; or getting your home stormed at any time without a warrant? That couple weren’t even out protesting.

    Don’t like social programs? Here’s a thought; Be a purist:
    Cut up your medicare; there are private for profit clinics; use them
    Don’t ever retire unless you saved up your own money; don’t claim old age pension or CPP
    Don’t send your kids to public school and if you send them to private school, make sure the school has no tax exemption status.
    Don’t make a claim for EI if you lose your job
    Don’t make a claim for workmans comp if you get hurt; you get hurt or sick on the job; too bad

    If you have ever used any of these programs or more then you’re a typical hypocrite in addition to your other character flaws.

    Keep up the pathetic blog, it just allows the police to keep tabs on you and your radical readership… Hilarious

    Wow! you just showed that you do advocate for the police state with that sentence there. Just admit that’s what you really want; Canada to become a police state; c’mon, ya know ya wanna!

    You still haven’t admitted that you would rather there would be no opposition parties to Harpercon; to skip the election and hand the keys to the playground at parliament hill to Steve.

  • Greece didn’t collapse because people couldn’t pay their taxes. That is beyond stupid. How could you possible believe that? The system was overburdened, tax revenues couldn’t meet costs, and when the economic crisis hit, many of those footing the bill (business owners), went under. Without a “meal ticket” to pay for it all, the country collapsed. END OF STORY!
    The money quote; “In 2009, its budget deficit was 13.6 percent of its gross domestic product (a measure of its economy); its debt, the accumulation of past deficits, was 115 percent of GDP.”
    They were continually accumulating debt to pay for their socialist system, and when they finally couldn’t keep their “head above water”, the system collapsed!

    Of course they aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their heart. EU economies are interconnected, and with Greece on the Euro, if their economy tanks, they destabilize the currency and everyone tied to it suffers. The Greeks joined the EU because their own currency, the “drachma”, was worthless. By switching to a common currency, it was hoped that Greece would wise up (you think they would have been allowed in if it was believed they couldn’t get their economic house in order). A common currency had benefits, easy transfer of money (no loss on conversion), easier trade, labour could move around freer (wages wouldn’t need to be constantly converted), etc but Greece wouldn’t listen to the advice of other European nations about their spending habits. If they drop the EU now, they are pretty much declaring bankruptcy. Private firms and investment would suffer greatly in the short-term, and there would be wide scale poverty. The Greeks would have to rebuild from practically square one. Very few economists are recommending that, and I would know having an economic degree as well as following this situation closely…

    “There you again; no religion is superior or inferior to another.” Islam allows for husbands to beat their wives. NO!, I don’t buy that “their all equal” nonsense one bit, especially not in this society.

    Justify pure evil? Is your head on straight? How is that “pure evil”? Were the police gassing Jews? How about starving Ukranians and Chinese? Were the police eating babies? Not at all, but you would rather kill them in the womb wouldn’t you? Hypocrite…

    The police made a mistake with the one room, but truth be told, the apartment was divided up between three couples, not one as police were led to believe. Only one of the couples were innocent, the others just happened to be anarchists. They did have a warrant, they were acting upon information they received about those behind Saturday’s actions. Why should I be upset? I wasn’t renting an apartment with anarchists. You find yourself among “unwanteds”, for your own safety, you move. The neighbourhood gets bad, you leave that neighbourhood, understand? As for morning raids, they do that because the suspects are too tired and disoriented to fight back. Police tactics 101, and it protects both the arrested and the ones arrested of harm. Do your homework!

    Hypocrite for using programs WE PAY FOR? Those who pay for these programs are the same people calling for REFORM. We don’t like our tax dollars misspent. If our tax dollars were used to fund these private clinics, we would use them, but since WE PAID FOR the public ones, we figure we might as well get our money’s worth out of it. Same goes for pensions, public schools, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. Your entire argument makes no sense. Where do you think the government gets the money to pay for those programs? TAX PAYER DOLLARS! We want reform, we want better services, we want money directed at real solutions for these problems, not new programs to fund. A few years back the NDP were floating the idea of elective surgery being covered under socialized health care, oh yeah, that would have been “fun”.

    Advocate for the police state? Do explain? The police keep tabs on those who support anti-government groups, THAT IS PART OF THEIR JOB! What anarchist websites and websites that support anarchists do unknowingly is give police a starting point in their investigations. You, by your own anti-government, anti-police actions (your rants on this page), draw their attention. You can’t even figure that out eh?

    I am not the one pushing for a police state. You are the one supporting the NDP, the party of no Chinese food, no McDonalds, no chocolate allowed in schools, etc That “nanny state” nonsense quickly becomes police state when other “unwanteds” are targeted. Mao’s push for “morality” in China during his early years demonstrated that… Pathetic…

    ck Reply:

    You’re one to talk about nanny states, given you want people arrested for dissent or wearing black.

    Hypocrite for using programs WE PAY FOR? Those who pay for these programs are the same people calling for REFORM. We don’t like our tax dollars misspent. If our tax dollars were used to fund these private clinics, we would use them, but since WE PAID FOR the public ones, we figure we might as well get our money’s worth out of it. Same goes for pensions, public schools, unemployment insurance and workers compensation. Your entire argument makes no sense. Where do you think the government gets the money to pay for those programs? TAX PAYER DOLLARS! We want reform, we want better services, we want money directed at real solutions for these problems, not new programs to fund. A few years back the NDP were floating the idea of elective surgery being covered under socialized health care, oh yeah, that would have been “fun”.

    I already told you; when universal health care is gone when Steve gets his majority; your tax dollars ain’t goin’ down; they’re goin’ up! UP! UP! And yes, provincial governments are paying into the private system; all part of that corporate welfare. Use them.

    As for the apartment, if the cops had a warrant, why did they refuse to produce it?

  • Corporate welfare? You know how stupid you sound saying that? It is a stupid pejorative term used by those who hate business but at too stupid to realize the benefits of large private firms. Tax breaks and incentives keep jobs here, create new jobs, allow private firms to pay their workers more. It isn’t like business don’t pay their fair share in taxes either. Where do you think the bulk of taxes come from? Yes, the corporate system you so hate is the same one funding the social welfare system you so love. Anyways, back on point. Private health insurance, in this sense, isn’t directly funded as you would like to believe. Giving tax break to the firm that uses private health insurance isn’t a direct funding of private health insurance. You obviously aren’t smart enough to see this.

    As for Harper getting a majority and “ending it all”, what planet are you from? Even if he does get the majority, how many of his MPs would vote for something like that when it comes to the floor? That is political suicide in this country (remember Ralph Klein?), but once again, you aren’t smart enough to see this. Could he push for reform? Yes, and hopefully he does. As the CMA president said, our system is heading towards collapse, meaning there has to be an alternative. Private competition for public health care dollars sounds good, and it helps deal with waste and inefficiency found within the public system. Oh, and before writing off Dr. Anne Doig AGAIN because she was on Fox News, letting someone interview you shouldn’t damn you politically. When my father worked in the government, he was interviewed by CBC, CTV, Reuters, etc and he did it as a courtesy to them, not because of any political agenda. Someone wants to interview you, unless you are hell bent on not giving them that interview (which doesn’t look good, “refused our interview” never looks good), you give them one. Did you even wonder why Fox wanted an interview with her? Could it have something to do with refuting Barack Obama’s constant claims about how “great” Canada’s health care system is? No, obviously you didn’t think of that.

    As for the warrant the police had, why should they show it at the scene? That is a matter for lawyers, not half-awake anarchists. Notice how this hasn’t been a big deal in the media? It is because even they, with their left leaning bias, can figure out that these people had a warrant. This isn’t Hollywood, you don’t flip the piece of paper out before entering a residence, especially in a surprise raid. How could it be a surprise that way? No, once again, narrow thinking keeps you from seeing basic logic.

    As per usual, you fail to impress, and before you ask why I came back after so long, seems a few people who visited your page can’t stomach your garbage either. Guess my comment made a difference in the politics of some people.

    ck Reply:

    oh, KKKLancop, some of us missed you and your sunshine. You really do have a high opinion of yourself do you? Oh, you’re such a coward! Why don’t you comment on the more updated posts so my readers can really get to know ya?

  • P.S. Forgot taxes. While HST is coming in, it isn’t a massive rise. You want a massive rise in taxes, look down south. The Bush Tax cuts are about to expire and the new ObamaCare related taxes are coming in on top of that. The largest tax hike in American history apparently and all to fund this massive boondoggle.

    You sounded like you were cheering at the prospect of rising taxes, why would that be? It strangles businesses, kills jobs, etc so why is that a good thing? If you like crippling taxes, why not live in Norway or Sweden, those countries you oh so love? Didn’t think about that one either? Not surprising…

    You cut taxes, you cut spending to social welfare programs, which is what people like you can’t stop thinking about. The issue people don’t seem to realize is that if you didn’t have those social programs to begin with, there is no need for such high taxes. Instead of the state taking on the burden for so many things, why not let those in the private sector run it? Working with a profit motive helps cut costs and reduce wasteful spending. Mind you, there are some service the private sector run, but there is services that the public sector should never get involved in either. Take Petro Canada as a case in point for that one. A wasteful use of taxpayer money that, once it went private, turned into a profitable company. It employs more people now than it did before, and isn’t being footed by taxpayers.

    You want to raise the quality of life for everyone, not simply the poor, allow the private sector to grow, hell, let it work. Looking back at China, when Deng Xiaoping came to office and institute plans for economic reform, opening up economic zones in the East of China, you saw a dramatic rise in the quality of life. People had more money, could spend more on luxuries, could travel and afford to send their children to better schools. Understand?

    Now before you pass this off as “verbal diarrhea” (yes, it seems points you lefties can’t debate is brushed aside as nonsense, saw Sid Ryan doing it far too often on yesterday’s Michael Coren show), why not research this? I spent a year in China learning about their system of government, the divide between rich and poor, etc and then coming back here, spent a semester making sense of various social and political issues in my History of Modern China class. PBS’s China: A Century of Revolution, along with BBC’s China’s Capitalist Revolution are great starting points, both of which can be found in torrent form fairly easily.

    Take the time to ACTUALLY educate yourself on the issues, not simply brush them aside for leftist dogma.