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Another Piece of Criteria For Conservatism-Racism–Apparently, Sri-Lanka is Now a Hot Tourist Destination–What if a Boat Load of Irish Migrants Arrived?

Blogging SupposiTory BC Blue is citing fellow wingnut from, you guessed it, Kory Klan, Brian Lilley, claiming that Tamil refugees all go back to Sri-Lanka on vacation.  I had a troll once who seriously believed that Sri Lanka was now a vacation destination, as well as another at some other progressive blog awhile back. I’m hearing it more and more these days. Sri Lanka is now a hot vacation destination. Okay, conbots, I will say this again; please, call your travel agents and book your next sun vacations there at our earliest possible convenience, please?  In fact, turn it into a whirlwind cruise.  Take an old rickety freighter. Don’t forget to pack the dixie cups now, you may need ‘em!  If you must take a plane and do it the easy way, ok.  Hurry now.  Don’t forget to write…

Seriously though, is this rabid racism in Canada a new thing, or has it always been around, but dormant until a like minded King like Stevie spiteful and his white evangelical flunkies came into the fold and stirred up those sentiments?  I mean, why not?  One thing Stevie spiteful is notorious for is bringing out the worst character traits in Canadians. Whatever the case, it is sure becoming frightening. They don’t like being compared to the Klu Klux Klan; they have made their feelings clear to me when I do that, but when I read things like “Torpedo” as an answer to the question what to do with the two more Tamil ships predicted to arrive  on Canadian shores or, worse yet,  a newspaper (if we can call it that: Kory Klan after all) editorial advocates the “lock and load approach”; perhaps the Klu Klux Klan is an inappropriate name for them. Statements like the above make the KKK look like Romper Room in comparison. (H/T Dr Dawg)

Last Friday, Kelly McParland’s column, arguing that Canadians were not necessarily racist per se,but…

It’s just possible that, as Canadians become increasingly familiar with how easy it is to take advantage of the country’s good intentions…

“They’re jumping the queue!”  seems to be a common refrain, as many attempt to continue justifying their racism under the cloak of injustice or shrieking that our refugee system is broken. Andrew Coyne  points out that there is no queue for refugee claimants.

Of the 40,000-odd refugee claims Canada receives every year, about a quarter are made from Canada (as opposed to being made at embassies or refugee camps overseas). You show up with a valid claim, you’re in: doesn’t matter how many people arrive ahead of or behind you. The Prime Minister complains that the Tamils did not go through “normal channels,” but in fact it’s a completely normal channel: the only difference is they arrived by boat, rather than by plane.

Well, so much for that excuse. Coyne’s article is well worth the read.

While McParland’s article may make some sense on the surface, given the obvious ignorance of many.  I would beg to differ.  Many Canadians just don’t like anyone who ain’t white.  It is obvious more and more each day.  I put to you, my readers, a hypothetical situation below. While unlikely, the following example I bring up wouldn’t be all that far fetched.

What if a boat load of Irish refugees dawned our shores?  Would Super Mustache Toews, himself board the ship?  Would the tea-bagger element all whine and go on about Ireland being a tourist destination? (which, by the way, still is) Would the obvious escapees from the institute for the criminally insane be advocating “torpedoing”  or “locking and loading” or some other equally or of greater insidious, gory attack of the ship(s)? I’m not so sure.

The reason I bring up the Irish as an example is that they’re predominantly white, Christian and speak  English; traits many of today’s conservative Canadians value more than anything else these days. While they don’t come from a country that is mired in violence (at least, not now; wasn’t always the case), they are suffering chronic economic problems with no end in sight.  Unemployment is on the increase, as is poverty. No one seems to be optimistic that the situation in Ireland will improve anytime soon. Many are abandoning their homes and cars and leaving their homeland for other parts of the world in search of work. Many move to Britain. Others migrating to Australia and New Zealand due to generous work visa programs.  But there are quite a few who are migrating to Canada and numbers are growing slowly.  Yet, they seem to fly under the radar. The corporate media isn’t making any kind of splash about their arrival. No one is complaining about them “taking our jobs” as they do when non-whites arrive.  They’re of course, arriving at airports and not by boats. But what if one day the situation in Ireland spiralled so quickly out of control that they left their shores for here by the boat load  like they did over 150 years ago?  I ask again, would they be  better received today? My guess is many would be more ok with them than with any non-white migrant either arriving by boat, airplane or  parachute.  It would certainly be an interesting test.

Another thing I don’t get: many of these  rabid racist Canadians are immigrants themselves or at least, are descendants of immigrants (most cases anyway); including (I would venture to guess) the blogger of BC Blue; did they forget where they came from, as John Moore suggested? They may try to pull the old, “but my family…it was different…they went through proper channels”…you get the idea…yech! Some of it may be true. Many would be amazed to find out that their ancestors may well have arrived the same way those Tamils did. One would think they would be able to empathize as many of the ethnic groups they came from weren’t so well received by their communities when they first arrived neither; be they white, Olive-toned,  black, or even yellow with polka-dots.

Mr. McParland, I do agree with the title of your  column though: Polls Show That Canadians Are Nasty, Anti-Immigrant SOBs Shitheads (hey! Mr McParland may have to watch his language over at the NattyPo, but over here at Sister Sage’s Musings, I certainly don’t (neither do any contributors here, for that mater); profanity is encouraged here).

So, conbots, on the horn with your travel agents yet, booking that dream sun vacation in Sri Lanka?

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  • I somehow don’t think a sampling of a mere 50 (fifty) Sri Lankan nationals is a solid enough backing on which to base an entire premise that occupies most of entire edition of a Sun newspaper.