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It Comes Together Some More– IMF-Latest Player Sticking Its’ Nose In Our Business

The latest player to be screeching how our universal health care system isn’t sustainable is none other than the International Monetary Fund–those same bastards who bailed out Greece and Ireland with the condition that they implement draconian austerity budgets in their respective countries; with measures that have nothing to do with debt reduction and everything to do with the sick right wing ideology, like lowering the minimum wage (Ireland).  

Yes, that very same IMF, headquartered in, you guessed it, none other than the Excited States of Amerika; in Washington, to be precise is now attempting to tell Canada that our government is not telling us the truth as to exactly how ‘unsustainable’ our universal health care system is.  Now, would the IMF have partnered up with the American health insurance lobby groups, by any stretch of the imagination? Why not? It seems that American lobby groups are finding ways to latch on to our lobby groups so they can do their dirty work.  And Stevie Spiteful who would love nothing better than to have a rich man-poor man; healthy-pre-existing condition health care system of the US of A, is probably thanking Santa early for this endorsement from the IMF.

One has to wonder if the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch as well as those financial institutions and insurance companies have the IMF on speed dial.

I will end with a favourite comment from Zorglubsky near the end of that CTV article:

… and Canadians should tell the IMF to mind its own Republican-controled business and leave our health care be. Don’t they have more pressing issues with oil-rich, third-world banana republics to deal with?

I’m also with Marc Toronto; why don’t the IMF or any other organization strongly recommend to the US that they explain to their people why  a wealthy country such as their’s allows its’ own people to die simply because they’re poor and/or have a pre-existing condition.  And if they insist on medalling in our affairs, have them recommend to Stevie Spiteful that he explain to Canadians why he wishes the same thing here.  Otherwise, IMF, fuck off!

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