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Meet British Tory Backbencher, Philip Davies–He Can Make Harpercon Cheerleaders Blush

I probably shouldn’t be blogging about this asshole, as I’m sure our labour minister, Ms Lisa Raitt would no doubt, find him, well, sexy.  However, I’m sure what  backward, assinine this British Tory backbencher is pushing will no doubt find its’ way here in Harperland and in the US, to make the tea-baggers ga ga giddy.   Tory MP, Philip Davies, is actually proposing, to lower the legal minimum wage for disabled workers. He says, among other things, that the legal minimum wage for disabled workers may actually be a “hindrance” for them. Yeah, he really did say that! Yep, he proudly gabbed all about it in an interview on the BBC’s Radio 4, recently. Let’s tune into a few of his justifications, he spewed, shall we?

Firms were likely to favour other candidates and MPs should not “stand in the way” of those who wanted to work for less to get on the “jobs ladder”.

Oh, gee, that’s mighty swell of ya! You’re one helluva guy! I’m sure your disabled constituents will be sooo appreciative of ya! Yeesh! So now you’re the patron saint of disabled people?

Do the disabled really see it that way?  Do they really want to work for less than minimum wage? Do they really want to work for slave wages, doing the same work as their able bodied/minded counterparts? Somehow I doubt it.

I gather that ol’ Phil hasn’t seen the commercial plaid on Canadian TVs in recent years? The one where they introduce a group of people with varying disabilities and their diverse careers with the message that we’re all able, asking all of us to open our minds, or something along those lines.   It is that message that employers, as well as the rest of society need to see and hear; not this bull-shit about cheap labour, accepting less than the legal minimum wage.

Let’s tune in for more bull-shit, now.

The MP claimed the most vulnerable, including those with learning disabilities and mental health problems, were disadvantaged in their search for work because they had to compete with candidates without disabilities and could not offer to accept lower pay.

Oh man! Someone is definitely out to lunch! This is what they call Conservative compassion??  Pass!  Cheap labour? Really?

They were desperate to work but continually found the “door was being closed in their face”.

He said he had talked to people with mental health problems during a visit to a surgery run by the charity Mind, and they had “accepted” that they would be passed over in favour of jobseekers without disabilities.

Yeah, and lowering the minimum wage is just going to make them feel that much more qualified and valued as employees, isn’t it?  Employers are going to respect them that much more.  Yeah, right, sure.  I say, Bull-shit. It’s just going to reinforce an employer’s and society’s belief that the disabled are just helpless and hapless folks who can’t be productive or just don’t have the smarts to hold down a job and do it well, whatever it may be. Way to go, Papa Phil!!

Also, as this columnist points out, lowering the minimum wage would also give employers the message that it would be a green light that other labour standards could be broken where the disabled are concerned, as they would believe, quite rightly, that they may not fight back.  They would  not make adaptations to make their work environment suitable, enabling them get on with their job.

Oh, and Phil, we, in Canada have a true blue Conservative MP in our House of Commons.  Steven Fletcher, the minister of state for Transport who happens to be a quadriplegic.  Do you think he should be paid less than his able bodied counterparts because of his disability? Should he be paid less than minimum wage, perhaps?

What about physicist Stephen Hawking? Should he be paid less to teach? Should he get less royalities for his books? Stephen Hawking, being a British citizen, I wonder what he would have to say about Philip Davies’ latest foot in mouth disease?

You can read the rest of his twisted, patronizing interview here.  Apparently, the rest of the British Cons are quickly detaching themselves from Papa Phil’s comments, saying that those are not the policy of their party. Of course they’re not, until, of course, they will be proposed.

Oh, yes, Ol’ Papa Philip  also once said awhile back that pesky items like legislation to protect people from death and injury in the workplace is only “so much red tape”.





3 comments to Meet British Tory Backbencher, Philip Davies–He Can Make Harpercon Cheerleaders Blush

  • Lee

    ‘Yeah, and lowering the minimum wage is just going to make them feel that much more qualified and valued as employees, isn’t it?’

    Have you ever been unemployed for a prolonged period of time? I have, and it is utterly soul destroying, even if you’ve got enough money. Not being in employment is socially isolating; on occasions I have gone four days without speaking a single word to another human being…anything is better than that.

    ck Reply:

    As a matter of fact, I have been unemployed for a long period of time.

    I’m sorry if you are lonely.

    However, I don’t think all of that should be compounded by cheap labour or indentured servitude. Human beings are better than that.

    In Canada, it’s not only disabled who tend to be discriminated against and marginalized on the workforce, but also, older workers (over 35 in many cases), women (yep, lotsa neanderthals still), visible minorities (not kidding), etc. should they all also accept working below minimum wage because of their situation? Of course not.

    It’s not lowering the minimum wage that will solve problems. If anything, it will continue to marginalize these groups; that only young, white, healthy pretty people are capable. Attitudes on the part of employers need to change. Perhaps affirmative action programs need to stay or new ones need to be implemented. Perhaps tougher discrimination in the workplace laws need to be implemented and enforced. However, not lowering minimum wage, which from what I see, is not that much money to begin with and Canada’s (depending on the province) is even less.

  • Oh England the soul sucking armpit of Europe. I cant stand when people talk about Europe and then use England as an example. To truly understand the facts of the ground read this story about Dr David Kelly and Tony Blair, one of them is still dead.