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Canada under Harper: education falling behind other countries

Wot’s the big deel about ejucation anyway. Like tryin to fix that fony climate change, it’s only going to impeed the rappture.

TORONTO – Canada has an “enormous vacuum” at the centre of its national education leadership and should fill it with an intergovernmental council, says a prominent educator.

The recommendation is parting advice from Paul Cappon, president and CEO of the Canadian Council on Learning, which will wrap up its operations March 31 when federal funding dries up.

A final report entitled What is the Future of Learning in Canada? is being released Tuesday.

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2 comments to Canada under Harper: education falling behind other countries

  • Gloria

    All of Canada is failing because of Harper. His only interest is in himself and his selfish goals,

    He only focuses on his, wars, jets, ship building, gulags and the most important of all. He wants to be a big shot on the International scene. He desperately wants the power and glory of being an energy giant. Believe you me, he will pollute the entire planet, with the dirty tar sands oil, to achieve his goals.

    The First Nations people lost their court battle against the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China. Harper now, no longer has to consult with the F.N. People on the environmental atrocities the pipeline and the tankers will do to their lands and seas.

    We all know how corrupt the judicial system is in BC, because of Campbell’s theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial was. No doubt this was corrupt too.

    It has come to our attention, Harper is a neo-Nazi. He was a member of the Northern Foundation of the Reform Party, influenced by the skin heads, in 1989. The web site: Let Freedom Rain, was where I found the information.

    His personality all fell into place. The terrible things he is doing to this country, fits the M.O. of a fascist dictator to a T.

    Then I remembered quite some time back. There were two M.P’s on TV. They said, Harper is a fascist and a dictator. That he was stubborn, arrogant, and impossible to work with. I didn’t think too much of that at the time. I also remembered, he sent henchmen to storm Guelph University, to stop the students from voting. They even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Scientists are not permitted to publish their results, the papers must go through Harper first. Harper also has a muzzle on the media. He is a typical paranoid dictator. Hitler also had to control absolutely everything. Dictators are obsessed by keeping their dirty deeds from the public.

    Other country’s have remarked, how badly Harper was eroding democracy in Canada. Other country’s are horrified, by what Harper is doing to Canada. Canada is now rotten with corruption, because of Harper.

    Shame on all the ministers, for sitting with their fingers up their noses, allowing that monster to destroy our country. They are just as sick as Harper and Gordon Campbell, his top henchman, is.

  • Polls show that the more educated a person is, the less likely they are to vote Conservative. Harper is just trying to ensure a future crop of Conservative voters by ensuring an undereducated population.