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Poor Pierre Karl Peladeau. Playing the victim again. Paranoid, too.

Most likely spurred by the facts presented by the CBC about Quebecor’s welfare habit, the media chain’s chief came out firing today against the ‘state broadcaster’. Problem is, Peladeau came off wimpy and whiny, somehow befitting a news chain known for its self victimization and pouting. Not only that, there was a whiff of paranoia when Peladeau began ranting about how the entire media was against him – yes, even the Conservative party’s own National Post! (Emphasis mine.)

He went on to accuse all other media organizations in Canada, including The Globe and Mail, CTV, the National Post, La Presse and The Canadian Press, of having entered into financial and journalistic arrangements with the public broadcaster that make it impossible for them to ask arm’s-length questions about the CBC. In the case of The Globe, he said, the paper receives advertising money.

Mr. Péladeau complained that the CBC had pulled all its advertising from his papers, a move that he said was an act of retribution for Quebecor’s decision to take a critical look at the broadcaster.

When it was time for questioning, NDP MP Charlie Angus asked Mr. Péladeau why the hundreds of media outlets he controls are all waging the same campaign against the CBC. Mr. Angus pointed to an independent report that found journalists within Quebecor were ordered to write articles attacking Radio Canada and asked Mr. Péladeau if there was any journalistic independence within his organization.

Mr. Péladeau said he had no idea where the information in the report was obtained. “Our reporters and journalistic resources have their job to do an no one will tell them what to write,” he told Mr. Angus.

Perhaps not but you can be sure they were all hired for their inherent bias.

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