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Second Iraq war hero wounded by police at Occypy Oakland. Right wing cheers.

If anything in the last few decades has scared the right wing out of its comfort zone of pretend patriotism it is the  Occupy movement. Not the first black president, not the wars, not the uprisings in the Mideast, the failing economy, the loss of jobs, Michael Moore or George Soros. It is the Occupy movement which has put the hell-fire fear of god into conservatives.

The images in the media of the occupiers bring back uncomfortable reminders of the sixties when  people in the street help change the world into a place uncomfortable for right wingers. The Vietnam war was stopped. People occupied the streets. Music and tear gas hit the streets. It was a long-haired, jean-wearing shot across the bow of every authoritarian heart and soul. It scarred the right with a wound only hidden by a retreat in the succeeding decades to a more conservative status quo of jobs, mulches and burgers.

And then Occupy Wall Street came. Those old wounds of the right have resurfaced with painful memories of its authoritarian culture being overrun with dirty fucking hippies. We’re baaack.

Nothing shows up or shows off the underbelly of the right like a challenge to their comfort zone. They have been raised not to question authority, not to bad mouth those who take advantage of them. I’m talking the comfort zone of 9 to 5, church, TV, McDonalds, dreams of unattainable wealth and the supremacy of the military.

All of the sudden, those things they held most dear are under attack by a new wave of long hairs, except this time the revolution is happening across class, age and clothing. Hell, even veterans are joining in. And all of a sudden, those veterans, used for so long as shields by conservatives, have become the new enemy, soldiers who have turned their backs on the phony right who used them so savagely.

First the right booed them at debates. Then they cheered a veteran getting his head smashed in at a Occupy event. Now they’re cheering once more as another vet has sustained injuries at Occupy Oakland.

It’s getting ugly out there, folks. And I’m not talking about the people massing in the streets fighting for a better, more equal country. It’s the 1 percenters and their conservative lackeys who mindlessly promote a world bad for them that are showing what ugly really means. They will say and do anything to save their little worldIf that involves hating the troops, so be it. Aiding and abetting the ‘enemy’ means war to the right, even if it means discarding the troops as collateral damage.

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  • Actually, lookin’ back as a participant, all the protests in the sixties accomplished was some civil rights gains, and the end of the War in Vietnam. But the tighty righties weren’t chastened AT ALL. Nixon carried on until forced out of office and then we suffered a steady stream of ReThugs, with one four year respite with a sane and moral man in the White House, Jimmy Carter who would have won a second term except for the Reagan gang and their treasonous secret negotiations with the Persians behind his back. Then we suffered decades of Rethug rule under Raygun, two Bushes and Republican in a Dem disguise Clinton.

    Obama seemed like a return to a dem in the tradition of FDR, but has turned out so far to be just another DINO slave to Wall Street, Exxon and the military-industrial crime family. He’s likely to get re-elected anyway, cuz the Repug field lacks a candidate that isn’t certifiable or idictable.