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Another Step To Criminalizing Dissent?

It certainly looks that way as the Harpercons and the RCMP turn Canada into a more McArthyesque place to live. Apparently, one Mr. John Allsop became a “person of interest”  as the RCMP made a special house call to his place of residence, basically, telling him he should watch what he does and with whom and not go anywhere and if he does, be mindful of where he goes during Stevie Spiteful’s visit during Grey Cup Week-end. Mr. Alsop’s sin? Well, boys ‘n’ girls, he had the audacity to call the PMO to excercise what he thought was his democratic right, to voice his concerns about the Northern Gateway Pipeline!

Last November, Allsop called the Prime Minister’s Office to voice his opposition to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

He did not hear back from the prime minister but he says that within days, an RCMP officer was knocking on his door.

The officer told Allsop they had received information that he had called the PMO’s office and asked him who he knew and who he was in touch with.


He adds that when the constable left his house, he said something to the effect of “don’t do anything, don’t go anywhere, be sensitive about where you go.”

Yes Master!

Is it just me, or do terms like “Persons of Interest” smack of good ol’ American paranoid talking points used during the McArthy Communist witch hunts and again when going after anti-Vietnam war protesters in the 60s and 70s?

Of course, the RCMP is all mum about the incident.

“All I can tell you is that Mr. Allsop is a member of our community and if there is anything more you want specifically in regards to him, you should probably contact Mr. Allsop or speak to the Prime Minister’s Office,” said Sargeant Kenneth Harrington.

Yep, do what they do best, pass the buck.  Of course, the PMO was also  mum, although, apparently they told another reporter from the Grope & Fail that, of course they never asked the RCMP to investigate.  They also say there was no record of Mr. Alsop’s call.  Yeesh! Not having phone records does seem to be a recurring theme with those Harpercons, don’t it?  Mr. Allsop says he has the phone bill to prove as much.

Let’s review, shall we, boys ‘n’ girls? G20 mass arrests for simply protesting. Ridicule for those expressing dissent, being dismissed as “evul commie soshalist lefties”.  Warrantless online spying on the way. Getting a visit from the RCMP to your home for simply making a phone call as a concerned citizen, telling you to watch what you do and where you go.  Next they fill their brand spanking new mega-prisons with those who so much as look at Dean of Gastro or Vic lock’em up Toews cross-eyed??

Anyone still think that the Harpercons are democratic?

What will it take for CAnadians to wake up from their shopping and Timmy Horton’s time to see that our democracy is crumbling?  I only hope that it will be before it’s too late to do anything about it, like after the Harpercons win a second majority.

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  • ” Next they fill their brand spanking new mega-prisons with those who so much as look at Dean of Gastro or Vic lock’em up Toews cross-eyed??”

    I guess I’m safe because the only way I can stand to look at either of those creeps, and their boss Peevie Stevie is with my eyes closed, otherwise I’ll lose my last two meals!

  • Gloria

    This is typical of the RCMP and Harper. Have we ever seen, the RCMP pay for their own crimes? Not on your Nelly. They get a years paid, leave of absence and/or a transfer to another detachment. Most Canadians, don’t even want the RCMP as icons for Canada anymore. Their image is in total tatters. No-one trusts them. They very seldom do anything right, and then they have to lie like hell, to get out of their messes.

    Nor do other country’s call Harper a petty gasbag for nothing. Harper was banned from, the New Trans Pacific Trade Group. Even the U.N. refused Canada a seat, because of Harper. Country’s are, right fed up with Harper’s bullying and hissy fits, when he doesn’t get his own way. Harper is beneath contempt.

    Harper is no Conservative, he is a Reformer. His Northern Foundation Party of 1989, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his shady party.

    Another Common Wealth country’s media wrote, how badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties are being taken away from us too.

    ICC Chief Prosecutor, is deciding to summons Harper for, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Harper was hoping, Canadians would forget about that one.

    Then there is Harper’s election fraud debacle. All roads lead back to Harper and his Conservatives, who are really Reformers, I guess. Harper is the master of dirty tactics. We have been victimized by Harper, far too many times. I firmly believe Harper committed this election fraud. He has a many times convicted American felon working for him. Some of the robo-calls came out of the U.S. He associates himself with, scum like Gordon Campbell too. His ranting and raving henchmen are total fanatics, right off their rockers.

  • Anyone who does not believe that Harper and the RCMP have a close relationship was not paying attention as the Mounties tossed suspected dissenters from his rallies last April.

  • timber

    I must be an idealist .. In the ‘old days’ .. and I truly believe, in ‘these days’.. if there was/is a real concern, that Mr Allsop was somehow, a ‘risk’ .. or a ‘threat’ .. I’d think that a smart OPP or local cop, would get a call from higher up.. in Ottawa, inquiring about him. Based on the local police response (who better to know their local citizens ?) one of them would drop by, be invited in for coffee.. catch up on news or local gossip.. and the question be laid to rest in an intelligent and human way.. Did this same response land on the person who sent a letter to The Queen, asking that Stephan Harper be fired ? But.. this is not the ‘old days’ .. this is a disturbing evolution.. and witless escalation of ‘control’. So.. I ask the question loudly.. Did Mr Allsop’s letter trigger a response from Ottawa that completely by-passed local law enforcement ? IE the local folks that know the other local folks.. in favor of a heavy handed, uninformed threatening RCMP visitation ? Shame .. if so ! On the RCMP.. and all above them in this … for ignorance, rudeness .. and fostering or accepting an environment where common sense was trampled by I would assume, some sort of dubious, dreary, stupid higher directive. Props to Mr Allsop for his initiative, his freedom of thought and speech .. zero points to ‘the authorities’ for a serious ‘fail’ at recognizing or protecting these fundamental rights .. God help Mr Allsop if he ever needs help from the ‘authorities’.. or his duly elected government …. Its highly unlikely they will respond by treating him as a Canadian citizen … that’s quite clear.

  • Valinor

    As Mr Allsop told me this afternoon, “Utterly ridiculous!”