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Anyone Wanna Play Deficit Jimbo?

Actually, the object of the game is to do it better than Deficit Jimbo. I found this interactive page in the Grope & Fail. The object is to reduce the 25 billion dollar deficit, using the options provided. You can play finance minister.  Have fun. Share your results in comments section if you care to. I’m still trying. However, notice the right winged bent of these options? It does make it difficult. My results still leaves over an 8B defict.

2 comments to Anyone Wanna Play Deficit Jimbo?

  • Bruce

    Me, I’d have the Bank of Canada print (issue, create, whatever you want to call it) money, not the Big 5 banks, and pay the debt (not a typo). We still owe, but no compound interest to impoverish great-grand children. Once money supply is back in the public hands (who wants to follow the pesky B. N. A. Act – sorry, Constitution Act – of 1867 anyway?) like it was supposed to be, the deficit/debt issue becomes a non-starter.

  • mike

    Simple …just reverse the harper damage and your already balanced.
    Take away the pandering to the top 1%…and i get a 19.5 billion dollar surplus.
    I might have voted conservative if harper had hung on to one principle ….”i will never run a deficit” and then he ran the largest in canadian history. If his government had fallen on that principle instead of contempt ….
    looking forward to the gutting of canadian values …and who cares ? Canada is being sold off piece by piece ….it’s the amerikann-kandian way