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Sue-Ann Levy destroys her career in Tweets

I’m joking of course. Sue-Ann Levy is employed by Lorrie Goldstein and Sun Media. Nobody gets fired over at that outfit. Ezra Levant regularly has to apologize for his blatant racism and lies. But he still resides on the Sun News Network throne. Let’s face it – the right is a no-pink-slip zone.

But last night something so extraordinary happened, Sue-Ann Levy must be thanking her lucky stars she was born a Toronto Sun Conservative. It must be reassuring to know that one can say anything and keep one’s job. It’s times like this I wish I were a Conservative. Free lunch! All the time!

So what did the Sun firebrand have to say and why did it shock even the staunchest Conservative – National Post’s Jonathan Kay, whose own mom is Levy’s ideological doppelganger?

It is not just the hashtag that is offensive. It is the hilariously clueless retorts from Levy that are equally invidious.

Here’s a sampling of the Tweet reax from Kay:


And the pièce de résistance:

Ann Coulter must be so jealous!

UPDATE: L’il Sue is still at it today! Whines that she’s the victim. Because she’s been called, ‘chubby.’ Aaaahh.

UPDATE II: She’s a star! Sue-Ann’s made it into the US media. A dream come true.

UPDATE III: Toronto Sun’s editor-in-chief James Wallace put out astatement disavowing Levy’s words. He is said to be ruminating on a suitable punishment for Ms. Levy. Perhaps he will follow the Stead-Wente model. Two weeks vacation? Levy’s already holidaying in her home-away-from-home – Florida. I suppose she’ll be ‘penalized’ for time served.

UPDATE IV: To add to Sun Media’s troubles, now Ezra Levant is being investigated by the Hate Crimes Unit.

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  • Deb OConnor

    I’ll be hearing from my son about this one. He is buried under a pile of Toronto Sun papers in the staff room at the factory where he works, and regularly updates me on the crap emanating from that sad and pathetic crap-dispenser.