We Don’t Need Gun Control! We Need Prayer!

Yesterday, yet another school shooting. This time, an elementary school in Connecticut where 20 children and 6 adults were shot dead by an AK 47 no less. The gun apparently belonged to his mother, whom he also shot and killed.  He turned the gun on himself .

A first grade teacher, 27 year old Victoria Soto must also be remembered for her last act of child care.

“This is Victoria Soto, and although I didn’t know her, she is my hero. I don’t know too much about her, but I know a lot of people who do know her and she’s ama…zing. Victoria was a Stratford high graduate and only 27. She was killed today after she hid her first graders in closets and cabinets and told the shooter they were in the gym. He killed her and not one of her children were harmed. I have never been more proud to be from Stratford or to be a teacher. God bless Victoria, her family and friends, and all of those who were involved today in anyway. Victoria is a true hero.”

The psychologist and the principal also rushed to confront the killer where they were killed execution style.

How could this have happened? Or should we be surprised with the gun nut religion known as the NRA and other such gun lobbyists. It’s no secret that the US has had the most school shootings.

President Obama gives a luke warm speech where he even got teary eyed at times.  He called for ‘meaningful action’, but of course, he stopped short of  what that ‘meaningful action’ would be. Nothing new here, he will never try anything bold. Not even now, that he is a lame duck president. He won his second term and can’t run again in 2016.  This would’ve been a time to do some big things, like perhaps a tweaking of the 2nd amendment.  The lack of gun control is appalling.  And they call themselves civilized.

The gun nutz are out scrambling, working feverishly on their propoganda machine.  Yes, they are proving to me more concerned over keeping their precious weapons than they are about the latest victims and their families from Sandy Hook Elementary school as well as other victims of gun violence.  The simple fact is that if the gun man didn’t have access  to guns, those victims at Sandy Hook would still be alive.  The White House is basically saying that “today is not the day to discuss gun control”. Whell, when the hell is it?

Prevention is Key

I know I’m bringing an obvious example here, but around the same time the Sandy Hook shooting took place, Another madman in China went on a stabbing spree at a school where 22 children and 1 adult were injured.  Tragic, yes. However,  if that madman had a gun instead of a knife, I’m sure we’d be looking at far more casualties.

Hell, even David Frum,  a Republican and Con cheerleader much of the time is calling for stronger gun control.

A permissive gun regime is not the only reason that the United States suffers so many atrocities like the one in Connecticut. An inadequate mental health system is surely at least as important a part of the answer, as are half a dozen other factors arising from some of the deepest wellsprings of American culture.

Of course more needs to be done to address violence of all kinds, but stricter gun control would be a great start toward prevention.   Prevention, something our beloved Harpercons and their cheerleaders don’t understand.    Scary when you think about it.  Something these wingnuts fail to understand, tougher sentences will not bring back  those victims. It will not undo the injuries — physical and emotional — many of these victims suffer.  Prevention means preventing these kinds of tragedies.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

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