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Lance Armstrong and Dean Del Mastro – tour de lies

Haven’t blogged much lately because frankly I’m sick to death of the absolute grip the Conservatives have over our country and its media. It’s barely worth blogging anymore because let’s face it, who cares? Canadians certainly don’t.

While the press has a field day with the obviously phony Lance Armstrong and his cowardly Oprah interview, the real criminals in our government get the full-on Oprah soft-ball treatment from Canada’s media. While crooked Cons like Margaret Wente get a pass on serial stealing, honest journalistic brokers like Stephen Maher gets called out by either the PMO or Del Mastro, depending on whose version you are reading.

If you want to know the truth about Del Mastro, the PMO or the Conservative party, look no further than Lance Armstrong. He wears the same face as that worn by the lying liars in our government. It’s taken the media years to uncover Armstrong as a fake. They didn’t want to believe it. In Canada’s media, however, it’s not so much a willingness to believe as a complicity in our government’s agenda and crimes.

Is Stephen Maher opening the door to journalists to finally call for editorial justice for our own incompetent and criminal politicians? Or will he and the handful of other honest journalists continue to be ignored while Conservative malfeasance remains not only overlooked but feted by Sun Media and the Globe?

Lance Armstrong and his army of lawyers have laid waste to anyone who have dared question his claims of doping innocence. Harper and his henchmen might want to pay attention to the blowback the cyclist is beginning to receive. You can’t demonize your critics forever. These things have a way of surfacing. Even with the media wind at your back.

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