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Pierre Karl Peladeau Running For PQ? Rene-Levesque Must Be Rolling In His Grave -UPDATE

Boys n girls, where do I start?  Ok, it’s official, Peladeau Jr is now running in the riding of St-Jerome in the upcoming Quebec election.  I don’t know whether to laugh or to be pissed?

For openers, the humour.  As many recall, Peladeau Jr  and Sun Media launched Sun TV News Network shortly before the last federal election after many false starts and complications. Sun TV News Network AKA Stun News, Fox News North, Harpercon Infomercial channel; take your pick.  When Stun News was in the planning, Peladeau Jr  leads demands for a government funded hockey rink in a futile effort to repatriate the Quebec Nordiques was in full swing.   In fact, it was said that the reasoning behind Stun News was to suck up to Harper in order to get federal dollars to fund his white elephant of an arena.  Well, as we all know, Stevie nixed the federal funding for that arena and Stun News was launched.

It’s no secret that papa Peladeau was a big time separatist, but not much was known how Junior  as he seemed to be  buddies with Stevie, at least, when he was demanding federal funding for that arena and when he was demanding Must carry license for Stun News a few years back.  Not to mention, something no one really talked about was the federal subsidies Quebecor received.  Here’s a refresher:

  • Quebecor has received more than half a billion dollars in direct and indirect subsidies and benefits from Canadian taxpayers over the past three years, yet it is not accountable to them.

  • Quebecor uses this public subsidy and its dominant position in protected industries to make record profits yet complains that its TVA television network “competes” against Radio-Canada.

To date, I have seen nothing to suggest that the Feds have stopped sending subsidies to Quebecor.

So this is how Junior repays his pal Stevie? Is this payback for Stevie’s refusal to chip in to buy him a hockey arena?

Then again, Stevie, of the 2001 Alberta Firewall letter, and his base of rabid anti-Quebec hyenas, who want to see Quebec gone might be giving Junior his blessing.  No matter, I wonder if Junior realizes that if Quebec were to separate, he can say bye-bye to Quebecor’s subsidy?

It would be interesting to see how rabid Quebec hating Stun News hosts are going to cover the Quebec election given their big boss is now a Pequiste candidate.

Now, the continued cynicism and anger.   We must remember that during the long lock out of  Journal de Quebec and Journal de Montreal journalists, Junior did all to circumvent Quebec’s anti-scab laws.  If CAQ’s Franky Legault still harps about the Parti-Quebecois still being beholden to unions, the nomination of Junior should should shut him up. Ironically, it was the Parti-Quebecois under Rene Levesque, who first implemented anti-scab laws in 1978.  I wonder if this was missed on Junior? Man, Rene Levesque must be rolling over in his grave.  The Parti-Quebecois had been veering to the right for some time now, but now, it has proven itself to really have gone astray from its’ original pro-working class roots. It will be interesting to see how CSN, normally a strong Pequiste supporter and a union that Junior really pissed off, will swing this election campaign given that anti-union, especially anti-CSN Peladeau Junior is running for the PQ.

Oh, and for more fun and games, boys n girls, Pierre Paquette, another Parti-Quebecois star candidate running in Peladeau’s neighbouring riding of L’Assomption, against Franky Legault, was a veteran secretary general of the CSN. I am now asking how Pierre Paquette will be able to look at himself in the mirror, agreeing to play on the same team as the man who pissed off his own people?

UPDATE: Turns out that Junior will not be selling his shares in Quebecor. They will be held in a blind trust, but have been instructed not to sell.  Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Speaking of,  Stephen Maher expresses concern for Quebecor journalists during this election campaign:


Here’s Martin Patriquin’s article from 2011, poking fun at Stun News Brian Lilley.  Lilley like many, slammed Nycole Turmel’s memberships to “separatists”, but now he has a boss who is one.  How does he answer to that one??


The editorial vice-president of Stun Media, Glenn Garnett, came out  pretty much distancing his company from Peladeau Jr. 


6 comments to Pierre Karl Peladeau Running For PQ? Rene-Levesque Must Be Rolling In His Grave -UPDATE

  • Erik T

    I just saw this on t.v. a moment ago, down to the blind trust where PKP will place his Quebecor shares. I was stunned- aren’t the PQ and the Conservative Party total opposites? I am curious about what federal subsidies go to Quebecor, I know they’ve got their hand out for every piece of public largesse (tax $) they can grab, but didn’t know they were doing so well with their own ‘culture of entitlement’, as conservatives might phrase it. I wonder how the Sun will respond? When Paul Godfrey ran it, they hated the Separatists, then when Pierre came in they sort of laid off, but certainly haven’t changed their stance. Anyhow, I am so curious as to how the T.O. Sun will treat the story, maybe bury it in a paragraph at the bottom of an ad?
    The Sun has been such a pliable lap dog for Harper and the Conservatives, who knew pudgy old men made such phenomenal cheer leaders, so like a lot of folks I find this development very surprising.

  • sassy

    I laughed out loud when I read that editorial this morning – especially the near last paragraph about Quebec being a part of Canada (this coming from Sun?!) OK then, whatever.

  • Hi CK….I’m glad to see a voice of reason out there, I can see that those voices are really going to be needed. I will definitely be referring your blog to my readers. Gawd, can you believe the hysteria? You’d think Marois had already won a majority and that the referendum was next week. When of course as you and I know neither is assured. I’d be laughing my ass off if I didn’t read all those hostile anti-Quebec comments out there, and know that the PQ brain trust is hoping that they will only get louder, so they can say you see they hate us, so we might as well leave. My guess at this point is that the PQ will lose a few lefties, and gain a few more right-wingers and will end up about the same as it is now. And even if they do get a majority they will still not have enough support to call a referendum let alone win it. Unless of course Harper decides to campaign against the province in the next election and then anything is possible…

  • Very wary of what this means. With Pierre Karl Péladeau now running for the PQ, all possible outcomes lead to the far-right billionaire almost certain to soon become the leader of the PQ. It is just a matter of time. In the case of a PQ majority, that gets delayed a few years, but meanwhile, the outcome is a probable referendum by 2017, with his media empire pushing the Yes side all the way (even if it’s held in a blind trust, which Joe Clark once coined, is really a “venetian blind” trust). The implications in any event besides the PQ falling to third-party status are chilling. For the past two days, I’ve been feeling like George Bailey looking around and seeing everything named “Pottersville” (Vive le Terre Péladeau libre? Hardly!) You are so right, CK: René Lévesque, that social democrat and strong defender of democracy, would be horrified beyond words.

    ck Reply:

    I, too, am finding Peladeau Jr’s nomination in the PQ rather weird; almost eerie. Pauline Marois has always somehow controlled her party with the exception of that whole hockey rink debacle when 5 PQ MNAs left the PQ. With the knives always wielding around her in her own party, she somehow managed to hang in. When it looked like Gilles Duceppe would throw his hat to become leader of the PQ, that document of Duceppe and BQ’s spending irregularities somehow popped up. Timing of that was so curious that I heard many folks say that Marois’s people or Marois herself probably somehow got a hold of it and leaked it. If you recall, Scott, that was the end of any PQ leadership talk pertaining to Gilles Duceppe.

    Now, she takes Peladeau Jr, a tyrant not known to take orders but to give them. Look how arrogantly he says he will hang onto his Quebecor shares which, if he wins his St-Jerome seat, is in direct violation of ethics rules. Marois, to my knowledge, has remained mum on that subject. If the knives were already wielding around her, junior will have a machete. So, if she didn’t want Duceppe around, why would she take Peladeau?

    I believe Peladeau will win his seat in St-Jerome, but I still don’t believe there will be a majority government (at least, I hope not. Couillard and the Liberals are no prize neither– Couillard has his own ethical issues pertaining to his private for profit health care lobby & friendship with Arty Porter).

    Quebec Solidaire is the only progressive party. Scott, I think they deserve our votes. Sure they’re sovereigntist, but as I wrote not long ago, we, as progressives, must separate sovereignty v fed question and referendum potential with electing the party we most identify with ideologically in the upcoming election. Quebec Solidaire will be getting my vote.

  • CF

    As wary as everyone has a right to be, just because Junior has been nominated, doesn’t mean he has won…yet. Certainly it is a coup of sorts for Marois, it merely illustrates that the PQ is becoming more like the UN of old. The difference is that at one time the UN actually had a fairly good (though corrupt) leader, two or three leaders in waiting and a lot of hack politicians, the PQ is nothing but hacks from top to bottom. Junior’s actions are more those of an opportunist than someone who believes in the separatist cause. Let the PQ have him, they can take his money and influence, he will give them grief and headaches of the first degree.