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Taking Fern Hill’s Cue and Endorsing Olivia Chow From Montreal And BC

Well, boys n girls, it’s no secret that I’ve been hoping for Olivia Chow to announce her candidacy for mayor of Toronto. Now it’s official. She resigned her seat yesterday and launched her campaign today.  Good.

I live in Montreal, but my mother lives in Downtown Toronto alone, so I do pay attention to politics in Toronto, particularly after Fordzilla and Dougy stormed through.  I have worried about her and my father when he was still alive living  as to which services he would remove and such.

I would hear and read the usual bull-shit from Ford Nation as to how he supposedly saved everyone over a billion dollars in taxes, which my mother said was an absolute myth.  Others have said the same thing, yet this appears to be another case of how misinformation wins over truth.  A conservative trait if there ever was one.

The never was any gravy, except for perhaps what the Fords spent on themselves and Robbo’s  former football team.

A mayor of Canada’s largest city who not only smokes crack and lies about it, but appears to be involved with the usual criminal elements that go along with that.  A mayor who on a late night talk show, made himself look like a total ass in front of millions of viewers.  Host, Jimmy Kimmmel, basically turned him into the evening’s stooge and that was too easy to do.

Now, a few on the right like Karen Stintz and John Tory can all squabble on how the right winged vote will be split.

Enter Olivia Chow, a woman of class and substance. She will make for a fabulous mayor– a mayor that a major city such as Toronto desperately needs and deserves.

That subway extension in Scarborough which many, for some gawd forsaken reason, had put Fordzilla and Stevie Spiteful  to some misguided hero status while a lite rail system would be cheaper.  Turns out that Olivia Chow is more in favour of the cheaper 7 stop LRT over the 3 stop subway extension.

We will see other policy ideas as the campaign unfolds.

Oh and folks worrying about her NDP background, I wish you would stop panicking over the so-called “tax and spend”.  Got a news flash for you. Stevie Spiteful has ‘taxed and spent’ more than any other PM in history and probably the least on much needed social programs — you know, things like universal health care or strengthening the CPP, things ol’ Jimbo Flaherty calls “risky”.  No, they prefer ‘essential’ ‘sound’ spending like Economic Inaction Plan and ads for job programs that don’t exist as well as gazebos and fake lakes.

In recent years, when I would come to Toronto to visit my family and friends, I had not seen anything improved in Toronto since Fordzilla took office. Pot holes over there are as bad as they are in Montreal, for one.

Public transit over there, particularly bus service, which is double the price of our STM monthly cards was certainly no better than our service.

We’ll watch the fools over at Stun News who love Fordzilla, fall all over themselves with nothing original to offer.  Should Ms Chow win, I would love nothing better than to watch Sue-Anne Levy’s face turn purple.

A reminder that NDP provincial governments have proven to be better financial managers than their right wing counterparts.

Below is her campaign video. (H/T WK)

As you can see, she does prove to be a woman of the people, not this Ford nonsense of pretending to slum it.  Customer service.

By the composition of her team,  she is not being partisan and will serve all if elected.

Chow’s campaign will be headed by veteran Conservative strategist JohnLaschinger, while her war room will be run by Warren Kinsella, a well-known Liberal.

Fern Hill over at Dammit Janet has endorsed her.  I’ve decided to take her cue and for whatever it’s worth; after all, Kim and I are simply humble but opinionated bloggers who don’t even live in Toronto; On behalf of Kim and myself at Sister Sage’s Musings, we endorse Olivia Chow for mayor of Toronto.  Jack Layton would certainly be proud.   She’ll do the city proud. Go Olivia!!



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