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Kill Bill

Tweet As the sun sets on the BC Liberal Party and the decade long theft of our assets, the fire sale intensifies. As Harper sells off Kits Coast Guard Station, Christy Clark seems intent on privatising our commons, our forests.  Lungs of the planet, pride of the west coast, our cultural identity. Bill 8 . . . → Read More: Kill Bill

Industrial Disease

Tweet Meet the Feller Buncher.  This is a technological wonder.  It looks like a great big dirty machine, but don’t be fooled.  This is the future of the forest industry in BC.  This little technological breakthrough has replaced the labour of 10 men.  It can fall, limb, stack, load…it can virtually put the children . . . → Read More: Industrial Disease

Corporate tax cuts…

Tweet Thanks to Pale Cold this morning for her post on Fantasy Island over at ACR, I got to thinking about Corporations and their tax cuts.  According to the neo-cons, these tax cuts are essential to promote jobs by way of infrastructure and research and development.  I really don’t see that happening and here is . . . → Read More: Corporate tax cuts…