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The Final Countdown to Treason

Tweet Tomorrow is the last day to stop the ratification of Harper’s secret treaty with China. Elizabeth May (bless her parliamentarian soul) has been active and vocal against this secret, closed door deal.  Signed by Harper in Russia, of all places. Quietly tabled last month with no disclosure, no debate, none of that . . . → Read More: The Final Countdown to Treason

on truth in journalism, III (terrace daily edition)

Tweet By the incomparable Merv Ritchie, editor of the Terrace Daily Frontpage, one of the last bastions of free press in BC and Canada for that matter. IS IT TRUE ELMER DERRICK IS “THE” GITXSAN HEREDITARY CHIEF? This is the claim recently made in a commentary Elmer Derrick submitted and had published in . . . → Read More: on truth in journalism, III (terrace daily edition)

update to Truth in Journalism


After my last post, I sent a letter to Kirk LaPointe, the CBC Ombudsman.

Mr. LaPointe,

I am writing to lodge a complaint about a story that is incorrect.  I refer to the story published Friday, December 2, 2011,

This story incorrectly attributed the title of chief to a man who . . . → Read More: update to Truth in Journalism

Truth in Journalism

Tweet On December 2nd, the CBC posted this story, B.C. First Nation backs Northern Gateway pipeline CBC News Posted: Dec 2, 2011 5:12 PM PT Last Updated: Dec 2, 2011 7:30 PM PT

A B.C. First Nation has announced it’s backing the Northern Gateway pipeline  project to ship oilsands crude to the West . . . → Read More: Truth in Journalism

Canada’s Shame

Tweet We are mute with shame here in Canada.  Shame for our Professional Media.  Even our beloved CBC doesn’t have the decency to cover the new American Revolution.  You were there for Egypt, you covered the hell out of Libya, sickeningly slick graphics and foreboding intro music and all.  But when our biggest . . . → Read More: Canada’s Shame

Science versus Photo Ops


I was watching the cbc news this morning. I find it very sad to witness the decline of that once proud public broadcaster. The cbc used to provide some fine investigative journalism. It’s one story in particular that caught my eye today however, that speaks to the disconnect between government and the . . . → Read More: Science versus Photo Ops

Gary Lunn shills for Big Oil.

Tweet *Update from Holly Stick at the bottom of this post. Today in the local corporate fishwrap, appears the local Harper Mouthpiece, Gary Lunn.  He admonishes us to “Let the Professionals Decide on Tanker Routes”.  

Decisions on the safety of supertankers transporting oil through B.C.’s northern waterways should be left to professionals . . . → Read More: Gary Lunn shills for Big Oil.