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CBC liberal? Really? Chris Hedges trashes Kevin O’Leary’s audition for Sun News.

Kevin O’Leary channels Krista Erickson. This time guest bites back.

This is sweet. Chris Hedges exposes Kevin O’Leary’s snotty, condescending name calling during an interview on CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange. Amanda Lang  Dianne Buckner tries in vain to represent the middle ground as a CBC pundit should do but to no avail as O’Leary keeps on piling on the insults.

Lang: Well I see you and Kevin could get into an absolutely huge argument here.

Hedges: I don’t usually go on shows where people descend to character assassination. If you want to discuss issues that’s fine but this sounds like Fox News and I don’t go on Fox News. Either you discuss the issues … look you have had very eloquent writers – people like John Ralston Saul in Canada – who’ve laid this out incredible lucidity and to attack this critique by calling someone a ‘nutcase’ engages in the kind of trash talking that’s polluted the corporate airwaves.

O’Leary’s stunned response to Hedges’ eloquence is to argue that he used the term ‘nutbar’ not ‘nutcase’. Hilarious.

At the end of the interview, a frustrated Hedges tells his ‘hosts’ that he will never come on CBC again.

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UPDATE: Dawg weighs in.

UPDATE II: A couple of Twitter hits.


UPDATE III: Commenter forgot to buy tinfoil noted at Dawg’s place that someone may have been sitting in for Amanda Lang during this episode. If this is indeed the case, my apologies to Amanda Lang.

UPDATE IV: Dwayne Radke, Billy Bean and Brian McGuinness advise that the fill in host was Dianne Buckner. Thanks guys.

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