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     I woke up this morning thinking about food banks. They are advertising now. Food banks are a relatively new phenomenon. I think they meant well. I think what ended up happening though is that food banks allowed the government to ignore poverty.

     Food bank use in Canada has escalated by 25 . . . → Read More: Poverty

Mount Polley, BC Environment Min goes all DEFCON-1


Apparently, the BC Environment Minister has noticed that her complete lack of action on the Mount Polley tailings disaster is not sitting well with British Columbians.

The Mothercorp reports today a stern sounding rebuke from the Ministry to Imperial Metals to “stop, I say STOP” releasing effluent down what used to be Hazeltine . . . → Read More: Mount Polley, BC Environment Min goes all DEFCON-1

Mt Polley. Where is the Government?


Oh, that fickle news cycle! Bestie of Christy Clark, Bill Bennett, Mary Polak.

Where the fuck is the Federal Government, namely, Gail Shea, Minister Responsible for Fisheries and Oceans? Yes, Ms Shea, wild salmon spend a considerable portion of their time in our lakes and rivers. Why are you not out here, . . . → Read More: Mt Polley. Where is the Government?

Mount Polley Update


Thanks to Laila Yuile, here.

This brings us the first glimpse into life on the ground in Likely, BC. The initial report is here.

Gary E. over at How Bad is the Record also has some thoughts on this, here.

We will not forgive. We will not forget.

Expect us.

Mining, Mount Polley and Ministerial Responsibility


Two days ago I sent this email to Christy Clark, cc’ed John Horgan, Mary Polak, Gail Shea and Leona Aglukkaq. I have had no reply.

Dear Premier Clark.

You have been absent lately, and the people of BC need leadership right now.

We have a still unfolding huge scale environmental disaster at Mount . . . → Read More: Mining, Mount Polley and Ministerial Responsibility

“Water, Water Everywhere…


…and not a drop to drink.”

Update at bottom of post


I live in a rural area of the Capital Region.  Residents are not serviced with water here, you have to figure it out for yourself.  I am also a renter, or lessee, thus, not in a position to finance a . . . → Read More: “Water, Water Everywhere…

Haters Gonna Hate…


Seems to be the new buzzword these days.  It sounds like an excuse to me…


This morning I was talking to a friend who is an immigrant from the UK and has spent 2/3’s of her life in Canada.  This person is fully engaged in Canadian life, issues, politics.  She is a . . . → Read More: Haters Gonna Hate…

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Ferries Edition)


Or Ferries?


Why does the Liberal Government insist on shitting upon coastal ferry users? It’s quite simple really.  We are a bunch of socialists.  A sick society that Christy Clark and her mentor Gordon Campbell do not need to retain power. Imagine if this government closed the Sea to Sky for certain . . . → Read More: Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Ferries Edition)

Sell Out. End Game Edition.


Under the convenient cover of Rob Ford’s very public downward spiral this week, our governments, Provincial and Federal, have been busy dismantling our Public Trust.


First comes the news that Christie Clark has miraculously come to an agreement with her pre-election nemisis Alison Redford on pipelines through BC.  Even though none of . . . → Read More: Sell Out. End Game Edition.

I Know You want It!


My opinion on what the fuck that was with BC RCMP Tuesday morning, that is…


Give me a fucking break.  We are supposed to believe that a drug addicted and drunken welfare couple from a basement suite in Surrey conspired to cause bloodshed and mayham in Victoria on Monday?


But E . . . → Read More: I Know You want It!

Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)


Christy Clark (or rather, her lackey Terry Lake) declared yesterday that the BC Government does not support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline at this time.  Immediately, this news was plastered over all the media.  Environmental Orgs from Dogwood Initiative to Greenpeace trumpeted the news.  The War is Over!  We won!


Well, before . . . → Read More: Lies and Spin, BC Liberal Style (Not on the Radar)

Four More Years


…of a (neocon)liberal majority.


Those of you in the rest of Canada need to understand that the Liberal “brand” has become synonomous* with conservative values.


British Columbia has been the test case for disaster capitalism in Canada.  Gordon Campbell initiated the doctrine with BC Rail.  “Creating Crisis to Facilitate Change”.  Break . . . → Read More: Four More Years

Grief, Blame and Anger


See bottom of post for an update.


Many politically active people in BC are grieving right now and there is much angst and blame being laid.  I personally have experienced this process and will be for some time to come, well, probably for the rest of my life.


I’m not sure . . . → Read More: Grief, Blame and Anger

BC Election


BC elections are funny, sad and scary all at the same time.  (warning, following BC politics can cause sleeplessness and depression.  Any consumers who feel depressed after following BC politics should immediately turn off the computer/TV/radio and seek vitamin D, hence my recent silence on the blog.)


This morning I got an . . . → Read More: BC Election

Right and Wrong


Laila Yuile gave us a perspective on a Jonathon Fowlie editorial about Christie Clark.  In the interview with Fowlie, conducted during a hockey mom photo op. type interview apparently…I’ll let Laila speak for herself…


“I absolutely had to pick my chin off of my desk this morning when I read Jonathon Fowlie’s . . . → Read More: Right and Wrong

Kill Bill

Tweet As the sun sets on the BC Liberal Party and the decade long theft of our assets, the fire sale intensifies. As Harper sells off Kits Coast Guard Station, Christy Clark seems intent on privatising our commons, our forests.  Lungs of the planet, pride of the west coast, our cultural identity. Bill 8 . . . → Read More: Kill Bill

Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

Tweet I heard it from Laila Yuile, who got it from some newspaper with a paywall…

”John Doyle, the tough Auditor-general who has taken the B.C. Liberal government to task on everything from access to documents related to the Basi-Virk political corruption case to B.C. Hydro’s highly controversial use of deferral accounts, appears to . . . → Read More: Another Government Watchdog gets the boot

On Pipelines, Tankers and Democracy

Tweet People gathered in Victoria today to voice their displeasure in the way that politics is done these days.  They feel disenfranchised, disconnected from the decisionmaking process. The Northern Gateway Pipeline is a manifestation of a much larger problem. Globalisation.  Corporatism.  Facsism.  That is the enemy. October 31st will unleash the usual festivities of . . . → Read More: On Pipelines, Tankers and Democracy

So, just what did Ken Boessenkool do that was so bad he had to resign?


UPDATE: Keith Baldrey ‏advises in the comments:

“Premier’s chief of staff resigned after Global News sent questions to premier’s office last week about an incident at a Victoria bar.”

UPDATE II: Rumour – and I emphasis the word ‘rumour’ – has it that the incident involved a woman. We may never know the truth. Keep . . . → Read More: So, just what did Ken Boessenkool do that was so bad he had to resign?


Tweet Can you smell it? The tide has changed.  There is salt in the air from Neocon tears. Enbridge is dead in the water.  They have no credibility left.  BP.  Shell.  Exxon Mobile. Corporate crimes are finally in the open in general.  Banks and the financial sector worldwide.  Wars waged worldwide to fund corporate . . . → Read More: Winning