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The new Conservative journalism: we really want to get to the bottom of Robogate. Stop laughing. We do!

Funny how fast Canadian Conservative writers and operatives can turn on the ethics charm offensive as they quickly close their bag of dirty tricks and begin concern trolling for truth and transparency when it looks good for them. Stephen Taylor and Tim Powers, Conservative writers both, have shown sudden concern about the ethics of the Conservatives in the Robogate scandal. Funny, I don’t remember too many outraged columns penned by either of these gentlemen over scandals involving other Cons, such as MacKay, Toews, Oda and Raitt and many others.

But now the optics are bright. The possibility of the Conservatives actually committing big-time wrong doing is looking more and more like it will be proven to be such. Hence, the quick assembling of Mr. Taylor and Mr. Powers to cover their own scrawny backsides by yelling from the Twittertops, hey we want a full investigation. We always do! What, you have the temerity to doubt us? Scandalous.

So Mr. “press credentials/attack ad/Lib convention” Taylor and Mr. “I’m so scandalized by the Cons’ behaviour let me just bring up Adscam one more time” Powers go on Twitter in a frenzy of indignant poses over their disingenuous bluster. This way they can both claim after the fact, “look it’s us Conservatives who were fighting for justice, too. We called for an investigation of our own party. We’re not partisan at all. Harumph.”

It’s all so phony. The modern Conservatives (they are not Tories!) have never proven to be honest brokers in finding out the truth. They, and especially their journalistic brethern, have done everything to cloud the issue and hide the facts over every issue involving wrongdoing by their Conservative political peers. No difference here. Just a lot more faux outrage and opportunities to dig up old opposition scandals.

UPDATE: You must all head over to this fine blog for the tale of one Michael Sona, the poor sonabitch currently being scapegoated (perhaps rightly so) for his part in the voter suppression scandal. Plus bonus photos, via this fine blog, of Mr. Sona at the time he allegedly tried to steal a box of voter ballots here.


Sona (centre) in appropriate company

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  • “It’s all so phony. The modern Conservatives (they are not Tories!)”

    So true, I gag every time I hear them referred to as Tories, it insults all Tories going back centuries. I would go one step further, I don’t consider it appropriate to call them Conservatives either, especially “modern” Conservatives, Regressive Conservatives is slightly better. But let’s call a spade a spade and call them what they are CRAP, Reform Party or simply the Canadian Taliban!