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It Looks Like It’s Official Now, Olivia Chow Will Run Against Mayor Fordzilla

Well, boys n girls, the moment we’ve been waiting for is about to come. Olivia Chow is expected to resign her seat in the House of Commons for Trinity-Spadina and announce her run for mayor of Toronto on Thursday.   About time! For what was looking to be a sea of 3 right wingers and one centre right candidate, Olivia Chow to date will be the only progressive candidate on the ticket.  If this remains to be the case, Olivia Chow should be able to win while the other right of centre candidates duke it out amongst themselves  and split that vote.

After all the stories of Fordzilla’s crack smoking, making videos threatening to hurt people while in an obvious crackhead state, hanging around with street gangs, disorganized drunk and disorderly behaviour, etc. , etc. ; it’s about time for change. If polls are to be believed, she would win.  Unless other progressive candidates choose to run like City councillor, Adam Vaughan,  to split the progressive vote, this should be fairly easy to Ms Chow.

Her main challenge, of course, will be in the suburbs, where Ford Nation lives and stick by him, no matter how many laws he breaks, who he hurts or how he makes their city a laughing stalk on the world stage. I mean, when you appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show only to be their stooge, there is a problem. Not publicity anyone should have.

Ms Chow, with all her class should bring dignity back to Toronto and make it a city to be proud of again.

Her team is already assembled.

Congratulations Olivia and Good luck!

Go Olivia!


3 comments to It Looks Like It’s Official Now, Olivia Chow Will Run Against Mayor Fordzilla

  • SD

    Olivia Chow will be a worthwhile candidate in Toronto’s mayoral race. In order for her to win, she will need to win support in many parts of the suburbs that currently support Rob Ford. Her one weakness will be if her promises become too dependent on provincial and federal funding. She needs to focus on promises that are do-able without provincial and federal funding support.

  • Olivia has a hard row ahead — particularly in the suburbs. But she’d make a a terrific mayor, because she can work with all kinds of people — something that Rob Ford manifestly can’t do.

  • CF

    It will be great to see Olivia run because as Sister Sage rightly points out there are 3 rightist candidates fighting it out. It also has to be said that they wouldn’t be in this election in the first place if Ford hadn’t been so totally stupid and inept. They would have thrown their support behind Fordo except for John Tory. Tory appears oblivious to the reality that moderate conservatism doesn’t work anymore and that the centre no longer holds. All I can say is good luck Olivia and if I’m still in Toronto come late summer/early fall I will be glad to support and vote for you and a progressive city council.