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Ron Liepert, Conservative Nom For Calgary-Signal Hill, Tells Jason Kenney Where to Go

Well, boys n girls,  I share Dr. Dawg’s sentiments regarding the end of Robbie Anders career: “Good Riddance”! Rob Anders, a man seen much of the time sleeping his way through Question Period. A man who believes Nelson Mandela is basically a communist terrorist.  Anders, who got himself kicked off the Veterans’ Committee for basically opening his mouth.  Anders who  accused Thomas Mulcair of “precipitating” Jack Layton’s death. He would accuse many others of whatever festers in that deviant mind of his.  I was actually delighted that an endorsement by Steve no longer goes too far.

Ron Liepert, a former MLA for the Alberta Progressive Conservatives won the nom for Calgary-Signal Hill. He is off to a flying start too!

“Quite frankly I think Minister Kenney should mind his own business. He should go into his own riding and try and get re-elected in his own riding and quit monkeying around at other nominations…anywhere in this province,” said Liepert, who made it abundantly clear that he was angry at the interference.

“You’re damn right I am. Why? Because it’s none of his business.”

Let the games begin.  Now, I don’t particularly like any Harpercons,  but I’m kind of enjoying Ron Liepert’s  combative spirit. He will need it, especially with this band of rabid hyenas.  He’s made it clear that he thinks for himself and really doesn’t seem too concerned with what happens to those Harpercons who attempt to think for themselves.

“I don’t care. It might and I’m quite prepared do deal with it if it does,” he said.

Let’s hope he keeps it up.  I can see one of two things happening here.

  1. Harper does nothing to help shore up the votes in the newly formed riding of Calgary-Signal Hill.  The rabid Socon base abstain from voting or vote for some right winged fringe of some sort, perhaps  helping a Liberal get in.  Not a likely scenario, though, given Steve’s hatred for all things Trudeau.  Also, we must remember that those Socons, especially if they see polls crawling up for the Liberals or the NDP, will vote strategically for Liepert.Or
  2. Liepert does win in the next federal election, but becomes a serious thorn in Harper’s side and quite possibly, as many detractors have seen, detractors don’t go very far in the world according to Steve.

Liepert may well be exhibiting naiveté, however:

“We’re not into negative politics and I hope this is a good lesson for everyone running going forward that you should run on your record,” he said.

“Talk about what you’ve achieved, what constituents want and stay away from the negative stuff because if there was one thing I heard from residents it was their disgust with the negativity.”

Uh, Mr. Liepert, are you familiar with your boss’s handy work?  Negative ads are his modus operandi.  Whatever the case, I’m sure Mr. Liepert will make things interesting in the days to come leading off to the next federal election.

Oh and Stephen Taylor is having a bad week-end.

3 comments to Ron Liepert, Conservative Nom For Calgary-Signal Hill, Tells Jason Kenney Where to Go

  • Ole Infidel

    This is indeed outstanding news ! Rob Anders is the very worst of whatever the ole Reform party had to offer up.

    Although, I have to say, when you consider, that it’s Harper who has the veto on who gets to be nominated and who does not, I’m thinking he was starting to realize just how much of an albatross ole Anders was.

    Otherwise, why would he allow Liepert into the race ?

  • scotty on Denman

    Thanks for this, CK.

    Albetar’s such a fascinating place these last few years—you can just feel the changes. Is there such a word as “Monolithicality”? Well, if ever there was, it’s now a “Socon” jawbone jutting out of a dusty Drumheller scree slope.

    Perhaps Albetar was destined to play catch-up, so politically domitable, the last bit of cloth stitching together the two legs of Canada’s political trousers, never having been any other sovereignty previously like its venerable federal partners (each at some time having been colonies or outposts of at least four European Crowns: French, English, Russian, Spanish and, at a stretch, Portugese and Norwegian).

    It’s ironic that the province which currently epitomizes resource sovereignty—earning infamy the world over—was, in that regard, stuck in the birth canal, as it were, for a quarter of a century. But it eventually got what the rest always had and, soon after the seminal Leduc gusher, the hayseed dominated legislature gave over to a new monolithic polity , Socred, then Progressive Conservative, which took care of the nascent industry of ‘rock-juicing’. Ironic, too, that a dynasty of powerful petro-princlings that unflinchingly and convincingly fastened together cowboys on the range, ex-pat squid-jiggers in northern camps, scheming executives in the towers of Calgary and a bevy of First Nations squeezed into leftover spaces on bald prairie and muskeg, should, at its zenith of notoriety and strength -visible from space and tastable on the surface— be witness to their rods and axes falling away from their ligatures. What’s happening in Albetar?

    It was inevitable that the cultural aridity would compel immigrants to bring their own, in all their varieties, and the discomfort of alienation by aliens would manifest somehow. As soothing as the promise of prosperity was, irritating is the breaking of that promise—pollution and deficits, contamination of precious ground water, international opprobrium and a disrepute pyring above a huge, festering wound on the earth—and homeland of an increasingly hated Prime Minister. The sniggering jibs against west coast ‘nut-cases’ and easterners ‘freezing in the dark’ aren’t heard as broadly as before (rather, more shrilly from fewer). Contrition? Maybe for some longtime residents, but you get the sense that Albetar is finally getting swept along by its own, burgeoning demographic; and that of course is new. I can tell you, in the 70s it was scary for a longhair to walk through Cow-Town (hitch-hiking was illegal in Canada’s geographically largest city); today Calgary is cosmopolitan, with visible minority mayor. The once monolithic right is fragmenting, with the progressive side prevailing; parties of the left slowly but steadily gain popularity. Yep, times are changing; in Albetar’s case, it took a little longer.

    We love Albetar; we’ll wait forever if needs. As to Rob Anders: Fuck Off! And Good Riddance!

  • That’s way the betsest answer so far!