Environment Canada On GeoEngineering

Recently I wrote a post about Chemtrails.  It was arguably the least read, shared, commented on post I have ever published here.  No wonder, to contemplate such evil is right up there with 911 conspiracy theory or alien reptilians, right?

Today, I came upon a blogpost by DesmogBlog that contained Freedom of Information Docs from a committee meeting hosted by Environment Canada.  Several pages of the document are redacted in full, as well as part of the index and preamble.  It is entitled Geoengineering: Science and Governance .

Please read it here.Interesting read.  I wonder where they got the data?  It is not disclosed in the document, although Environment Canada claims it has knowledge of the efficacy of Aerosol Spraying of Stratospheric Sulfur.

Interesting that pages 49, 51 through 55 are completely redacted.  Interesting that the science is omitted and especially interesting to me is that there is a complete lack of soil analysis or hydrology analysis included in the report.  How could Environment Canada even consider such open and illegal experiments without even collecting the relevant data?

Also, they discuss ocean seeding for carbon sequestration, which was in fact done off the waters of Haida Gwaii last year, without sanction, acccording to the Government press releases.  Funny how we never heard anything further on that…yet here they claim to have done experiments, again, without providing the data.

Other methods they discuss are Direct Carbon Capture , which is like claiming LNG is clean energy, and Afforestation , which they scoff at, but which looks like the only option that doesn’t cause a catastrophic, unforseen chain reaction.  This method involves planting trees.  I assume the down side is that this method would be labour intensive and require patience and stewardship as the trees mature.  Imagine the jobs that would create for our youth.  Imagine the health outcomes which would save us huge public money in savings in healthcare, as our kids learned the old fashioned way of being Canadian, the obesity rates would plummet and thier mental health would improve alongside.  Crime rates would drop.  Landslides and flash flooding would diminish and our wildlife would flourish.

Yeah, I know, that’s just crazy talk.  We should just spray aerosols out of airplanes.  It’s cheaper and the results will be realised within the election cycle.