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Mount Polley, BC Environment Min goes all DEFCON-1

Mount Polley, BC Environment Min goes all DEFCON-1

Apparently, the BC Environment Minister has noticed that her complete lack of action on the Mount Polley tailings disaster is not sitting well with British Columbians.

The Mothercorp reports today a stern sounding rebuke from the Ministry to Imperial Metals to “stop, I say STOP” releasing effluent down what used to be Hazeltine Creek into the Quesnel Lake system. The report says that the Ministry observed this infraction on September 4th. Wow. Good job Minister. A full month following the catastrophic breach. Where have you been? Mary Polak, you should resign.

Yesterday, a group of residents of Likely and area held a Press Conference in Vancouver to outline their concerns.

“The specific long-term outcomes of this disaster are not known as it is the largest tailings storage facility dam break this world has seen,” it said. “We do know though, that a spike in cancer rates is guaranteed.”

Since this catastrophe, there as been an acidic leak in Strathacona Park on Vancouver Island and now one in Kamloops as well.

So, I wonder why Christy is missing in action? The Legislature schedule calls for a fall sitting on October 6 and yet Christy has announced a “Trade Mission” to India on the 9th. This Premier is hiding.

On a lighter note, hunting season is once again upon us. Please use your firearms responsibly.

Mt Polley. Where is the Government?

Mt Polley. Where is the Government?

Oh, that fickle news cycle! Bestie of Christy Clark, Bill Bennett, Mary Polak.

Where the fuck is the Federal Government, namely, Gail Shea, Minister Responsible for Fisheries and Oceans? Yes, Ms Shea, wild salmon spend a considerable portion of their time in our lakes and rivers. Why are you not out here, getting to the bottom of the science of massive tailings “ponds” and their effect on fish spawning and feeding grounds? Where are your scientists and enforcement officers? We are talking about one of the major salmon runs in the world. You should be fired. With cause.

Leona Aglukkaq, you suck. You should be fired as well. Where the fuck have you been? Minister of the Environment my a$$! You are missing in action, deserting your post in a time of need. What the hell do you think we pay you for? The largest tailings “pond” breach in history has occurred on you watch, in Canada (hint, that is your jurisdiction).

Stephen Harper. No photo-ops of you flying in to the disaster in your airforce gear? No commander in Chief moment? Even Christy Clark flew in for a photo op, after she recovered from her Hawaiian vacation. I guess we ain’t in Calgary anymore Toto! You are fired!

Imperial Metals, your social license is hereby revoked. If this were a democracy your CEO would be criminally investigated and your assets frozen pending trial. Up to and including the major shareholder.

Christy, Bill and Mary, you thought this was over? A bit of foreplay on twitter and a teachers lockout was going to get you off the hook?

We aren’t done with you either. Not by a long shot.

Mining, Mount Polley and Ministerial Responsibility

Mining, Mount Polley and Ministerial Responsibility

Two days ago I sent this email to Christy Clark, cc’ed John Horgan, Mary Polak, Gail Shea and Leona Aglukkaq. I have had no reply.

Dear Premier Clark.

You have been absent lately, and the people of BC need leadership right now.

We have a still unfolding huge scale environmental disaster at Mount Polley. The Minister who seems to be the frontman, Mr. Bennett, has provided nothing but lies and platitudes, covering for your huge donor Imperial Metals and its super rich owners.

Our Minister of Environment is as elusive as yourself Madame Premier, as are the Federal Ministers of Fisheries and Environment.

The taxpayers of BC, the voters, citizens, public demand that you take immediate action to stop spreading the catastrophe downstream into Quesnel Lake and on into the Fraser River. You must enforce the Law, seize all assets of this company to secure the assurance you owe to the public that the company will pay for the clean up.

If your Ministers are going to stand up and ensure the public of the quality of these waters, then get your ass up there and drink it yourself, then get your family to bathe in in for an extended period. We have long passed the point where the citizens of BC are prepared to take your word for it. It is time to prove Ministerial responsibility is still a part of our governance.

Step up or Step down. Your call.

Angry, disappointed, I remain,

“Water, water everywhere…

“Water, water everywhere…

…and not a drop to drink.”

Update at bottom of post

I live in a rural area of the Capital Region.  Residents are not serviced with water here, you have to figure it out for yourself.  I am also a renter, or lessee, thus, not in a position to finance a proper deep well into the aquifer and the filteration system to ensure potable water.  My abode is a fairly rustic cabin with a couple of cisterns amounting to 2200 gallons.  About once every 5 weeks, I pay a guy $140 * to come with his tanker truck to fill our needs.  We (my partner and I) have to help run the three fire hoses to reach our tanks.  Rain or shine.  Grey water is utilised where appropriate.  Conservation is fairly strict.

T his kind of lifestyle gives a person a keen appreciation for potable water and how necessary it is to sustaining life.  Not just human life, but flora and fauna as well.  This winter in BC started out with two bad indicators for our future.  Drought and cold at the same time.  Personally, this battered us as our pipes froze up for a week early on, and again for 10 days in January.  That was hard.  Outside my window though, the Western Red Cedars died back quite a lot, the needles turning that copper colour that denotes stress.  I don’t want to imagine my island without the iconic Red Cedar or the higher elevation Yellow Cedar, so prized for it’s ease of carving.  They are dying slowly though and one day will live only in stories and artifacts.  Battered by pine beetle mortality, the interior Taiga forest is a tinderbox.  El Ninio is forecast for this coming spring/summer.

M eanwhile, my Government, the BC Liberals under Christy Clark, have been allowing Nestle, a foreign Corporation, free access to water from the Hope water supply to steal millions of dollars worth of our precious and finite resource.  After this information came out, the government amended that agreement to charge a pissant, nominal fee.

F racking for LNG is the only idea this government has for BC, other than Northern Gateway, Kinder Morgan, run of river Hydro-electric and flooding the Peace River Valley to power the above projects.  Fracking is devastating to fresh water supplies.  So is running pipelines through headwaters, over rivers and then onto tidewater.

T he American Military has properly pinpointed fresh water as the probable source of war in the future.  A litre of tapwater costs about $1.99 at the store, more expensive than gasoline or coca cola.  Water is more valuable than LNG.  bitumen, or dubious P3 Hydro electric projects yet we are literally pissing it away.  The American west and Australia are currently experiencing severe drought, both heavily into fracking.  Tug of War battles are erupting between stakeholders, large cities like Vegas, with all of the ostentious use of water as mirage in the desert, agriculture running the full range of corporate agribiz growing alfalfa to ship to China, to breadbasket of America, to boutique wineries and cutting edge organics.  Everyone needs water.

I f I were planning long term policy, I would be safeguarding this resource for the sovereign good of the people.  Water needs to be more than a human right, but an planetary right, in that the planet needs to have rights, instead of corporate personhood.

I expect my government will punish the ratepayers directly, so that we can continue to subsidize industrial use.  Rural areas will continue to bear the burden of conservation, while urban and industrial use flourishes in a completely unrestrained orgy of cognitive dissonance.

I f you are tempted to powerwash your driveway, or run cold, clean, precious water down the drain while you brush your teeth, remember how precious this resource is. * When we moved in two years ago, the price was $100.  40 % rise in two years.  They also used to give the 10th load free.  Gone.

Haters Gonna Hate…

Haters Gonna Hate…

Seems to be the new buzzword these days.  It sounds like an excuse to me…

This morning I was talking to a friend who is an immigrant from the UK and has spent 2/3′s of her life in Canada.  This person is fully engaged in Canadian life, issues, politics.  She is a part of the fabric of this country.  Today, for the second time recently, she was told on a comment thread that she should “go home”.

Part of the reason for my recent silence on this blog has been my complete disgust with public opinion, as it is represented in the newsmedia and on public forums like comment threads on the internet.

While I can attribute some of the vitriol to the kinds of astroturf oranizations that pass themselves off as “Citizen” groups, often associated with highly ideological “grassroots” organisations that are so often linked to The Manning Centre, National Citizens Coalition, Real Women and many other groups and an unknown amount that are contractors to the CPC Party, the PMO or any other conservative propaganda arm, there is an element of that hatred spilling out into the general population, sometimes uncomfortably close to home.

When I see Canadians engaging in division and blame for eachother, resorting to stupid strawman arguements and blame for blameless segments of society, well, I just get a bit tongue tied.  I freeze, like a deer in the pitlamp, my face turns red with indignition, but I am tongue tied.  How do you address such stupidity in a constructive way, in a way that diffuses the hate and reflects it back in a useful way, like a mirror?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether we are discussing immigration, unions, pipelines and tankers, poverty, minimum wage, these haters gonna hate.

Phrases that I keep hearing include, “Get over it, it’s in the past” to the genocide committed by our government in the name of the Crown.  These same people seem to think that their “taxpayer dollars” are subsidizing lazy indians.  This is a sin of ommission on the part of our government in that they cover up the facts about the Treaties that allowed Canada to become a State, with the provision of royalties paid for the extraction of resources from Treaty and unceded lands.  By Royal Proclamation.

“You don’t have the right to protest the pipelines/tankers/oilsands because you drive a car/use electricity or own a computer.” This is a classic.  You are a hippy/hypocrite.  You are a white hat or a black hat.  You are against Jobs and Growth!  It’s right out of Mein Kampf.  Next, they’ll come for the solar panels!  Seriously, as a civilised society could we not explore alternative options?  Most Canadians are by necessity trying to curtail our energy footprint.  We are being squeezed by energy companies for every dime we have, even as we contract our energy usage as quickly as we can.  Petroplastics could be replaced with hemp fibre in one growing season, if we had the political will.

The other thing that bothers me about this arguement is the simple fact that Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipelines to the coast are not destined for Canadian consumption, so how does that affect my oil consumption anyways?  We will bear tanker traffic in the Graveyard of the Pacific (plied by offshore tankers flying flags of convenience) for China to pollute the entire northern hemispere supplying North Americans with useless plastic shit that we can no longer afford because we no longer have jobs…and who will clean up the spills that will happen?  Who will bear the cost?

It reminds me of the War in the Woods, when the “hippies” were trying to save one of the great old growth forests on Vancouver Island, Clayoquot Sound.  First, the media and the government ignored them.  Then, they laughed at them.  Then, they brought in the police.  But finally, the protesters won.

Please, let us be civil, until it becomes necessary for us to become radical…

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Ferries Edition)

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Ferries Edition)

Or Ferries?

Why does the Liberal Government insist on shitting upon coastal ferry users?

It’s quite simple really.  We are a bunch of socialists.  A sick society that Christy Clark and her mentor Gordon Campbell do not need to retain power.

Imagine if this government closed the Sea to Sky for certain hours because it was not sustainable?  What if they tolled the road to Whistler?  Why is it okay to create a barrier to coastal businesses?  Why is it okay to restrict coastal people from conducting business?  Should we impose tolls on those who use highway #1?

Yes, the coast of BC is a mecca of socialist terrorists that want to preserve our way of life.  Such as surfing, skiing, hiking, fishing, smoking weed and otherwise being subversive, foreign funded criminals.

Thanks for all your help, rest of BC, I think that the best course of action going forward may be to secede from Canada.

Just sayin’

I Know You want It!

I Know You want It!

My opinion on what the fuck that was with BC RCMP Tuesday morning, that is…

Give me a fucking break.  We are supposed to believe that a drug addicted and drunken welfare couple from a basement suite in Surrey conspired to cause bloodshed and mayham in Victoria on Monday?

But E division was already on the case, and rendered the bombs inert without locking down the Leg buildings?

Welfare day was June 19.  By July 1, this couple would have been broke.  No ferry fare, no pressure cookers, no explosives.  Welfare in BC does not pay well enough to buy local food, let alone three pressure cookers.

And if our boys in scarlet were so on the case, then why were these people allowed to take the ferry with thier bombs to Victoria, presumably on the bus, since they didn’t even own a bike!  I want to see proof that they actually crossed the straight to Victoria.  Otherwise, who did?

False flag attempt.  Very clumsy and thin.  Al Qaeda inspired but without Al Qaeda.  Small time petty criminal, drug addicted and a known thug.  His “troubled” girlfriend.  The RCMP had been investigating since Febuary.  According to this government website, charges were filed in March and then again on June 25th, well before Canada Day.

This is bad.

Yesterday the Commanding Officer of the Merritt RCMP was let off for stealing Cocaine out of the evidence locker at work.  Next week our “premier” faces a bi election.  Harper is desparate for a change of channel, any change…

Just sayin’

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