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That’s It @PnP_CBC, I’ve Put You On Notice!!!

I nearly fell over the other day listening to the CBC’s Power and Politics (yes I know I said I would stop listening to this show but lord knows it’s better then listening to Ezra Levant call mentally disabled people disturbed or Charles Adler take a crap all over the social safety net) but again it felt like this show was slapping me in the face for my insolence in deciding to make it a part of my day. During the middle of the broadcast the show delved into what must have been the brain child of a Senator with absolutely nothing to freaking do. The crisis facing Canada today is, you see, WHICH FRIGGEN ANIMAL REPRESENTS OUR COUNTRY. I nearly had an anurism and had to put down my coffee for fear that in a stupidity induced rage I would throw it against the wall. So a senator has decided that the beaver is no longer a good animal to represent our country and that instead, a polar bear is better.


So not only did P&P dedicate almost 20 minutes of their show to this inane pile of smelly junk the host Rosemary Barton then brought the issue up with her panel who took the bate hook line and sinker. HOW REMOVED FROM THE SUPREMELY SCREWED UP REALITY ARE YOU PEOPLE? They give minimal justice to the Occupy protests that have continued on in the US, Canada and around the world, lob softball questions at ministers who are able to skirt accountability and don’t do one bit of due diligence to any issue, story or anything. This show is suppose to be where to go to get answers and instead it’s like uber insane day during Question Period minus the huge gold plated mace.

So CBC Power and Politics, I’ve officially put you on notice. If you do another Will and Kate story, another cutesy Polar Bear or Beaver story or, if I have to hear about how Justin Beiber just can’t find a nice girl to settle down with, I’m cancelling my subscription to your podcast, turning my viewership over to Sun New Network (I know, this just got real) and making it my mission to make sure nobody else has to sit through your vapid, poor excuse for analysis you call reporting.

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  • Our liberal media at work again I see. Glad I no longer watch the CBC except for selected youtube videos. But Fox News North. I feel for you sister.

    ck Reply:

    Actually, Logan posted this. He too, has returned here. Welcome back!

  • Logan

    I know Jymn. It’s even a stretch for me to really think I’ll watch FNN but I had to threaten with something. What, say I’d watch CTV? Lol.