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About CK

I am a cranky gen-exer born and bred in Montreal, Quebec.  While I have lived in a few rural areas of Quebec, I always end up back home in Montreal because I prefer the big city and the conveniences.

Overall, I am leftwinged who had socialist leanings (yes, unlike those who are hell-bent on bringing back McCarthyism, I actually do know the meaning of the word Socialism). I had to be more pragmatic as I got older, as well as far more cynical. When I was a French major  at Concordia University s, way back in the early 1700s (well, ok, the 90s; but I use early 1700s when telling youngsters how things were in our day or previous generations), I was a member of International Socialists which was headed up at the time by David Fennario (of Balconville Fame) and his wife, Liz.

Today, I am more of a realist.  As much as I would’ve love to see the NDP run the show with a majority, once upon a time, that is no longer the case: I no longer trust them, since 2006 election when Jack Layton decided the Liberals were more the enemy than Stephen Harper was. Like so many others who have such disdain for Steve and the Harpercons, I vote strategically, over the past few years, that generally meant alternating between the Liberals and the Bloc.  Overall,  an anyone but Harpercon mission. Therefore, I consider my blog to be pretty much non-partisan.

Now, Stevie Spiteful Harper got his majority over 3 years ago.  The one campaign promise he kept to the letter was that we wouldn’t recognize Canada when he got through with it.  It’s true.  To me, it is Harperland and no longer Canada.

I have to say my interest in politics and all things organized labour came from my father who passed away just before the new year.   Although, a difficult relationship during my youth, he did teach me to be wary of columnists and commentators their motives.

He also taught me everything I know about rock n roll and the old blues artists of the 1930s who influenced them like Robert Johnson and Leadbelly as well as folk artists of the same time period like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.

Currently, I’m an office worker for  an agency run by the  Quebec Government. I also sit as recording secretary for my union local. Here is where I must add a disclaimer. This blog does not necessarily support the views of  my co-workers or my employer.

As some of you may also know, a relative of mine used to work one of those Corporatist  media outfits. However, he is not a journalist or on air personality. Nor does he follow my blog or share my political views necessarily.  Opinions exrpessed here are exclusively mine and those who contribute here. For those who have followed me when Sister Sage’s Musings was at Blogspot , you would know that  I will slam any journalist, talk show host, columnist, or any media outfit just the same. I am, after all, a listener, reader and follower of Main stream media and I don’t like where it’s going. These corporatists are always crying free speech?  Let them put their money where their mouth is.

If you have any comments you don’t wish to see published, you can email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to answer promptly.