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The Cast

Well, as many can see now, SSM has now turned into more of a community blog.   And I couldn’t be happier as it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m proud to have a diverse group assembled here.

Well, allow me to introduce the cast:

The  cast of characters thus far, are   TorontoEmerge, an ER nurse from the Greater Toronto area who blogs at “Those Emergency Blues” , Kim, and this her first foray into political blogging here and Logan, an ex-pat, currently living in China and a member of the federal NDP party.

And of course, you already know  your’s truly, the site administrator, who is never far away. I have taken a hiatus in order to take  care of my health and other pressing matters, which means, I’ll be gone from regular posting for awhile. I believe I have left the site in very capable hands.  When I come back, hopefully, the cast remains.

While this blog is progressive, it is not aggregated at Liblogs or the NDP blog aggregators or any other similar party affiliation site, as the bloggers here have different party affiliations; some are NDP supporters or members; others are Liberal, others still, are swing voters.

Depending how well this works out, I may change the name of the blog at a much later time as well as the site design, but that won’t be until after the new year.

UPDATE: Orwell’s Bastard has just joined us here. He blogs at his own place, Orwell’s Bastard . We welcome  what new insights he can bring here.