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Neo-Cons Continue to Justify Unabashed, Unregulated Capitalist Greed…this Time, Women are the Scapegoat

Fern Hill’s post regarding taxation on sterilization particularly grabbed my attention this morning. She found this idiotic idea from yet another one of those unstable blogging neo-tards where she expresses idiotic ideas like hitting childless couples with heavy tax penalties and taxing contraception (500%) to the point of turning it into illegal contraband like cocaine and machine guns. Like most of those Romper roomies, those ideas didn’t just hit her. She was reading more convoluted causes of of the recession being caused by anything but the real cause which is, of course,  unregulated corporate greed, Bush’s deregulation of the banking system and everyday folks going bankrupt because they bought into those western ideals that measure a person’s value by how big their houses and cars are and how many material posessions they don’t use they can get their hands on simply for the sake of bragging rights to ooo-ing and aw-ing neighbours.

This time, this blogging neo-tard can get all relieved and even cum in their pants  now because the Vatican Economist is stating that the recession is not the fault of the banks, but rather, the fault of lower birth rates .

This of course, brings me back to a time when Lucien Bouchard enraged many folks when he stated in October of 1995:

“We’re one of the white races that has the fewest children.”

All Bouchard did was make a whole lot folks pissed.  Socon or bust honestly thinks that beating childless couples over the head with excessive “sterilization” taxes will turn these women into instant baby factories.  What about couples who are infertile who do want children but can’t afford fertility treatments? You want to tax them to death due to being baron, but you also stress that you don’t want our health care system to cover fertility treatments? How does that work?

A future workforce, after all, is essential to the growth and continued existence of the State.

Again, a problem with that;  even though many are retiring these days, most of their jobs are not being refilled either in the public or private sectors.  My current job is an example of that. Due to the retirement of the receptionist at the point of service where I work, my position and her’s merged. In addtion to doing my duties, I’ve also had this retired receptionist’s work load added. I don’t mind, I’m always up for to a challenge and it keeps me employed at a place I really enjoy working at.  I am merely providing an example of the current work trends.

It’s been a long time since either Canada or the U.S.  has produced more than we consume. We keep outsourcing manufacturing and call-center jobs to China, India, Thailand and other Asian countries.

In a few years, due to either this recession or a raise in the retirement age, the flow of workers retiring will come to an eventual halt, thus not much new job growth, nor much opportunity to grow in any industry.

Also, as technology evolves, there is less of a need for manpower. In other words, even if we all get barefoot and pregnant, we would probably have a bunch more unemployed adults who would need to use government resources, much like the aging baby boomers.

Do I really have to touch on the utter stupidity on taxing contraception 500%??  That will really curb the spread of AIDS and other STDs.

Yes, yes,  While Bouchard, Socan or Bust , other neo-cons and theocrats and the Vatican Economist all twist themselves over no one in the western world is having babies to condemn them to indentured servitude, they seem to forget that there are many,  many babies born in the developping world.  Their own economies don’t help these families to help themselves or any economy of the future for that matter. This whole we’re not having enough babies thing kind of flies flat doesn’t it?

I’m surprised they haven’t gone for the most offensive and insist that childless westerners adopt third world babies a la Madonna and Brangelina, thus having more future tax-payers, but then, that would bring us to our current “problem” here in Canada, according to many Canadians bigots: too many immigrants . This, of course, is no surprise, check out that CBC comments page today. Many of their comments go in so far as to really come off as white supremacists.

Yes, they’re all scared they may have to make certain concessions and learn to be tolerant of these new tax payers. This too would make them blame us for not having white babies to endenture them to a life of servitude and to protect the lilly-white neo-con greedy bigots.

My question is to these neo-cons like Socon or Bust : Are you all barefoot and pregnant expecting minimum your 5th child. Hell neo-con evangelicals like St-Stevie and GW Bush only have two children each, for the most part.

Once again, this is a case of neo-cons shifting the blame in order to justify their own selfishness in order to hide from the real cause of the recession which was greed; pure unabashed capitalist greed and now they bitch and moan over the lack of births and can’t stand it when they have to learn to live in the same world as our new immigrant tax-payers. After all, unless you’re Native Indian,  you too are derived from immigrants.

No, it’s about time to swear off greed and materialism and start thinking about the communities in which we live.   Job creation is vital and we have to stop sending our jobs overseas at the expense of our workers. And yes, more regulation is definitely needed in the banking industry.

The blame game just doesn’t accomplish anything anymore, neither does greed nor bigotry.

I agree with Fern Hill on this one: I personally don’t care who is paying for our social programs.and such

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