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Crime Continues to Decline in Canada; But We Still Need Them Big Assed Prisons and Tough On Crime Bills, Don’t We, Vic?

The good news is that crime in Canada over all continues to decline. More details here .

However, in the Harpercon media, like  the Toronto Sun, somebody has to throw a wet towel on the good news.  Like Tom Flanagan before, this columnist has to play with some numbers as well.

While youth crime continues to decrease, violent crimes committed by minors are higher now than a decade ago. The volume and severity of violent youth crime are about 10% higher than in 1999, according to StatsCan.

Can you smell the justification to lock up 14 year olds in Steve’s new big assed private prisons? Perhaps Steve would do well to learn lessons from these scandals from Scranton, Pensylvania regarding private juvenile detention facilities . You know, where judges were charged for taking kick-backs ? “Kids for Cash”.

And don’t think it can’t happen in Canada, because if Steve gets to build his private big assed prisons, I think it’s a safe assumption that we will be seeing  certain judges going corrupt the way  Judges Conahan and Ciavarella did.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Steve and the ol’ Colonel Sanders look a like, Vic Toews, no doubt are already spinning this in such a way in order to justify these very expensive tough on crime bills. After all,  even if they turned Canadians into brainwashed military choir boys, they would still find a way to make them look like very bad people.

Well…well…looky here! Ol’ Toews is already singing that ol’ Canada is Dangerous song .

“Unfortunately, our safe streets and healthy communities are increasingly under threat of gun, gang and drug violence.”‘

Ok, ok, so crime went up in Nunavut and in Manitoba . Somehow, I don’t think the Harpercon’s prisons, minimum sentences and tough on crime bills are going to solve their problems.

Here’s another thought, Vic. Perhaps our streets woudldn’t be under so much threat of gun, gang and drug violence if marijuana and prostitution were legalized; regulated and taxed and if we not only kept the long gun registry but strengthened our gun control laws. Yeah, I think that would be a great start.

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