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Could the Tamil Ship Be The Distraction The Harpercons Are Looking For To Change Their Fortunes?

Gawd, I hope not. But it is certainly pointing in that direction. Redneck Ryan is dutifully talking about it on his show all week in a rather manic way. Somebody should perhaps recommend some good mood stabilizers for this radio host the way he goes on about how the ship should have been turned away.  Never mind that that would be infringing on some laws here, but Ryan is forgetting that that would take away the distraction Stevie needs to deflect attention away from the census debacle which keeps getting screwed up by flunkies like Tony Clement and Stock Day.  I’m not the only one who’s been thinking about his angle neither. Apparently, so has the NattyPo columnist, Don Martin :

Sound the alarm! Deploy the navy, air force, RCMP and battalions of border security guards for tracking, escort and apprehension purposes! Then hold a big news conference!

Census controversy? What census controversy?

Case in point, as Martin points out, this isn’t a job for the minister of immigration; no this is too big. This is a job for … Super Vic!! Because, after all,  on this rickety ol’ ship, you’ll find such nasties like Tamil Tigers! Why, they invented the suicide bomb, doncha know?  Other nasties like TB and the biggie…ready now? Human smuggling!   Hell, why don’t we add contraband and concealed weapons while we’re at it? Could it be possible that all 490 passengers are legitimate refugees? No! Hush up, now! Perish the thought! They’re all bad and they’re bringing their diseases I tell you! Just terrible that they jump the queue in this way; why, they’ll send more ships over here with their ilk!

Sadly, this could and would get many of those Canadians from the Harpercon base who are pissed with them right now because of the census debacle to forgive them because Super Vic is on the case protecting them from the evul brown people and their diseases.

But…But…But…the Libruls!!! Yes, that shrieking will come up, no doubt.  Fresh new attack ads to add to (wouldn’t replace) those tired old coalition ads depicting Iggy and Jack as not only welcoming these disease infested rif-raf, but perhaps even depict them as pimps and mafioso-styled Godfathers to ‘em! Can’t have that now!  Hell, I’m sure the Harpercons & their cheerleaders would find a way to throw ADSCAM in there.

Yes, I brought humour to those Harpercon fools & how they would handle this situation. But there is nothing funny about the attitude of many regarding the Tamil ship. The Harpercon cheerleaders in corporate media like Redneck Ryan are hard at work with the fear mongering already. A sad truth I have pointed out before, many, particularly these Harpercon voters tend to be folks who are content to allow talk radio, Kory Klan at Sun Media and the Natty Po do their thinking for them.  This ship facilitates the further building of the Tea-bagger hit parade–the Northern edition.

Yeesh! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? The idea of simply sending the ship back or expelling the whole lot of them is simply inhumane.  To travel on board such a rickety ol’ rusty barge like the Sun Sea, one would have to be pretty desperate. Think of the fever ships the Irish immigrants arrived on over 150 years ago.

These people need our help, not our condemnation. If they are found to be terrorists or criminals then yes, act accordingly.

Yes, the Harpercons will do all to use these poor Tamils to further their agenda in some insidious way to distract the media and Canadians from the census debacle.  Hell, the Haitian earthquake couldn’t have come at a better time for them when there was outrage over prorogation; it held them over just enough until we could win all those shiny medals in the Vancouver Olympics. It’s disgraceful! This fits into part of Stevie Spiteful’s modus operendi; deflect and distract.

Oh, and speaking of screw-ups, the Harpercons and their communications people have somehow managed to screw  the whole boarding of the Tamil ship thing too . Naturally, they also found a way to cover up their screw-up as well.

Gawd, it’s embarrassing to be Canadian more and more these days!

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