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Stephen Taylor, Put Up or Shut Up!

A typical Harpercon cheerleader’s modus operendi; psyche everyone out when things don’t look to be going their way. I had read on some of the blogs about Stephen Taylor tweeting that some Liberal MPs will be staying away from the vote tomorrow evening . I went to Twitter to check the feed out, to see if Taylor tweeted more info.  He hadn’t. So, I took it upon myself to tweet him; to ask him who his sources were? And to provide names of these Liberal MPs who plan to not show up.  After awhile of not answering, I chided him about not being able to answer a simple question. He finally answered me. He answered that he will only answer tomorrow after the vote and that he didn’t want to give them away to the Liberal whip. Oh, like Iggy spends his time glued to Twitter.  If Taylor were serious about protecting the anonymity of these MPs, why say anything at all? Especially on Twitter?  I dunno, Steve, you’re starting to sound like Jane Taber now. Perhaps you’re using the same super inside “sources” she uses?

On a more serious note, I share the concerns of other prog bloggers like Rick Barnes , Big City Lib and Volkov .  I already expressed this in my earlier post .   As I’ve mentioned, if Iggy’s whip isn’t successful, the summer will have been for naught. And as I’ve mentioned in my earlier post, Iggy’s leadership will not recover from this. For Iggy, this is more about a test of his leadership following new confidence from his bus tour than about the gun registry.

As for Taylor, he’s playing games now .  I’m not playing anymore. The art of psyching out an opponent.  I’m not bothering anymore, he won’t give a straight answer. I tried though.

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