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Let’s Scare Them Away From The Election! Oh yeah! Feelin’ That “Freedom” Now!

I hear often about our abysmal voter turnouts while Afghans and Iranians show up to vote under fear of violence. Funny how the US and now Canada in Afghanistan go shove the values of democracy down their throats. Shouldn’t the US (and Canada for that matter) learn how democracy works before trying to shove the distorted version down others’ throats first?

Never mind voter apathy on November 2, what about voter fear?

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Funny thing about that tea-baggin’ buzz word “freedom”. Those who support these escapees from the psych ward in their bid to run the country into the ground; if that motley band of misfits gets into office, the status quo would be the most freedom they’ve ever had.

Also funny how they cry “fascism” to describe President Obama–”fascism” and “soshalism” are interchangeable, it appears.  I dunno, but isn’t what we’re seeing what’s happening or rather, the tea-baggers’ puppet masters’ aspirations and visions of America the beginnings of it?

Absolutely frightening!

Another case of the hypocrisy and distortion of “freedom”.

Before forcing “freedom” down the throats of others, perhaps examining the word yourselves.

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