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Such Hilarity

Well, well, well. Stop the presses boys ‘n’ girls. Leger Marketing has come out with a new poll .  It puts Francois Legault’s new ‘coalition’ at 34%-Pauline Marois’s Parti-Quebecois at 28% — Jean Charest’s Liberals at 18%–The right winged ADQ now at just 9% and the left winged Quebec Solidaire at 6%.

What’s hilarious is that Legault’s coalition is not a political party-yet and probably won’t be for some time, probably not even on time for the next provincial election.

What’s also hilarious is that Legault’s manifesto isn’t really all that radical. Although, always subject to change like anything else, I suppose. There is nothing concrete, really, except a lot of pro-business shit the Charest Liberals already practice, yet they’re down to 18%, now aren’t they? There is nothing in the manifesto that addresses the decades old problems regarding the construction industry.

The latter proves a point I’ve made all along regarding  many Quebecers’ attitudes toward Charest and the alleged corruption in the construction industry–that Charest has simply overstayed his welcome; a crisis had to be manufactured to be rid of him.

Also, no one really cares about the alleged issues in the construction industry. Hell, the fact that MP for Megantic-L’Erable, Christian Paradis has been let off the hook for renogate is a strong indication of this.  The truth is that no matter who is elected to lead Quebec in the next election, those same issues in the construction industry will still exist until we, as Quebecers take a more mature stand on this and instead of putting up on line petitions to oust Charest, how about actually doing something to actually demand whoever is in power to do something about these issues?

As for those polls, this is further evidence that Pauline Marois is near the end of her political career as April 15 looms closer. I have a feeling that another leader at the helm will turn the party’s fortunes around, especially if it is Gilles Duceppe.

Non-existant political parties, manufactured crisis; for the time being, it’s all hilarity, because it’s the only way to look at it.

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