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By George! I Think Johnny and Jack Are Starting To Get It! Richelieu Flood Update

Don’t look now, but some leadership is starting to happen in the Richelieu!

First, Jean Charest went down their on the week-end with some civil security people to talk to the residents and towns’ mayors and to announce plans for the area. Basically, he is to set up three teams that will help with the organization of clean up and relief:

the first team, including Red Cross and tourism officials, will be responsible for temporary housing during the cleanup and repair that is expected to take several weeks, if not months.

The second team will be responsible for evaluating damage to individual homes, cleaning and reconstruction, while the third team will be charged with planning for the region’s future.

“What lessons have we learned . . . how to reorganize the territory once the water has receded,” Charest said

Johnny didn’t provide any details on what team three would do, nor exactly what the aid package would entail.

Meanwhile, Layton has been saying that the armed forces should remain to help with the clean up in the Richelieu.  Petey MacKay still ain’t budging and stickin’ to his story about the armed forces should only help with emergencies.  Yeah, like shovelling Toronto out of snowstorms. Got it.

Jack Layton is scheduled to visit St-Paul-de-l’Isle-Aux-Noix, one of the hardest hit towns today, along with some of his new Quebec MPs. About frickin’ time! The town’s mayor, Gerard Dutil, is happy Layton is coming, but does wonder how much power he would have to help these people . You and me both, as well as so many others,  Gerard.  Still, as a federal leader with so many MPs elected to ridings affected by these floods,  one would think it would fall under Jack Layton’s duties, as well as those of his MPs who represent the area, to at least, survey the area, to see what these people have been living with since the floods have begun.

According to Jean Lapierre’s report this morning on the Andrew Carter morning show, Bob Rae is also supposed to visit the Richelieu.

But, where in the world is Stevie Harper? Still a no show. Yeah.  That’s just awesome!  Even Jean Lapierre, who has been known to sympathize with Stevie and the Harpercons as of late at times slammed him for his non-responsiveness toward the plight of the Richelieu flood victims. Hell, even President Obama went straight from the G8 went to visit the tornado damaged Mid-West! But Stevie can’t even move his ass to Southern Quebec? (basically paraphrasing Jean Lapierre from this morning here).

Funny, I just finished reading an insipid column from Bruce Anderson in the Grope & Fail , regarding a Harris Decima poll basically saying there’s no voters’ remorse, and, well, let’s just tune in (bold emphasis, mine):

For the Bloc, the challenge is different but no less daunting. To recover, the Bloc needs three conditions, none of which is all that likely. First, passion for separatism – not just affection for nationalism – has to grow, sharply. Second, the Conservatives have to do things so obnoxious to Quebec voters to create a sense of collective grievance. And now, they also need the NDP to look like an ineffective voice for that anger, if and when it materializes.

Well, I’d say that Stevie Spiteful’s total lack leadership and blatant demonstration of how not all disaster victims are not created equal, along with Super Toews’ and Petey MacKay’s total disregard for these victims and lack of cooperation for any efforts to help definitely qualifies Conservatives “doing thins so obnoxious as to cause collective grievance”.   Furthermore, they could and likely would see that they’re getting on without help from the feds.  No help from the armed forces; an armed forces, they too, pay taxes for, just like the rest of Canada. This could add to the sovereignty argument.  Then again, perhaps that is exactly what Stevie and his Harpercons want–for Quebec to leave. Gawd knows their base out west does. But I digress.

Anyway,  as for Johnny and Jack,  even though it took ‘em long enough,  they’re finally starting to show some leadership in this disaster because these people need it.

On a  positive side, about 8000 have signed up to volunteer in the clean up effort .

Michel Fecteau, who speaks for SOS Richelieu , said 8,000 people have signed up and the swell in numbers has caused the group to add a second weekend for people to go down to the area to clear debris.

The volunteers will start the cleanup effort on the weekend of June 11 and 12, and the second weekend is June 18 and 19.

Michel Fecteau is also seeking skilled volunteers:

“If we’ve got some electricians, plumbing, carpenters, people like that, if they’re willing to give us a weekend for families that were badly hurt and don’t have much money,” Fecteau said.

You can donate money , (they may be taking in goods like clothing and/or furniture at a later time, but not now, as the damage still has to be assessed) or if you’re in the area and wish to lend a helping hand to these folks , you may do so, give your availabilities and choose the town you wish to help out in. The site is in French only, though. Go to SOS Richelieu .

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