Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Ferries Edition)

Or Ferries?

Why does the Liberal Government insist on shitting upon coastal ferry users?

It’s quite simple really.  We are a bunch of socialists.  A sick society that Christy Clark and her mentor Gordon Campbell do not need to retain power.

Imagine if this government closed the Sea to Sky for certain hours because it was not sustainable?  What if they tolled the road to Whistler?  Why is it okay to create a barrier to coastal businesses?  Why is it okay to restrict coastal people from conducting business?  Should we impose tolls on those who use highway #1?

Yes, the coast of BC is a mecca of socialist terrorists that want to preserve our way of life.  Such as surfing, skiing, hiking, fishing, smoking weed and otherwise being subversive, foreign funded criminals.

Thanks for all your help, rest of BC, I think that the best course of action going forward may be to secede from Canada.

Just sayin’