Mount Polley, BC Environment Min goes all DEFCON-1

Apparently, the BC Environment Minister has noticed that her complete lack of action on the Mount Polley tailings disaster is not sitting well with British Columbians.

The Mothercorp reports today a stern sounding rebuke from the Ministry to Imperial Metals to “stop, I say STOP” releasing effluent down what used to be Hazeltine Creek into the Quesnel Lake system. The report says that the Ministry observed this infraction on September 4th. Wow. Good job Minister. A full month following the catastrophic breach. Where have you been? Mary Polak, you should resign.

Yesterday, a group of residents of Likely and area held a Press Conference in Vancouver to outline their concerns.

“The specific long-term outcomes of this disaster are not known as it is the largest tailings storage facility dam break this world has seen,” it said. “We do know though, that a spike in cancer rates is guaranteed.”

Since this catastrophe, there as been an acidic leak in Strathacona Park on Vancouver Island and now one in Kamloops as well.

So, I wonder why Christy is missing in action? The Legislature schedule calls for a fall sitting on October 6 and yet Christy has announced a “Trade Mission” to India on the 9th. This Premier is hiding.

On a lighter note, hunting season is once again upon us. Please use your firearms responsibly.