Chemtrails, Contrails, Pollution and the 100 Mile Diet

Hey.  Have you looked up lately?  Seen persistant contrails polluting your sky?  Do you have one of those friends on your facebook newsfeed that goes on about chemtrails, weather modification and HAARP?

If you have heard of these “conspiracy theories” and researched them, then you probably know they are true.  So I won’t waste any of your time…But.If you are one of those people who do not choose to believe that evidence, I would like you to consider this…Let’s assume that the contrails are just jet fuel residue.  What was deposited over my head today was an assault on my airspace, my water and my soil.  I live on the edge of the west coast.  The airspace used to be quiet.  Now, we have days where the air traffic is constant, laying trails of pollution with each pass.  Every 5 minutes.  All day today.  Jet fuel is highly toxic.

Why do affluent societies feel entitled to global air travel?  It used to be the elite classes who felt that world travel was essential to the education of it’s emerging youth.  Or, the ruling class, sending off unwanted populations to colonise New Worlds and spread diseases( now known as cruiseship lines).  Then, somehow, in the last generation, the consumer class got the idea that they needed to send the kids to Disneyland, vacation in Hawaii, or see the continent.

It may be true that travel broadens the perspective and provides an education if done in a mindful way, but is that what is going on?  In my view, for the most part, travel has become a commodity, devoid of meaning.  If you are taking your kids to Disneyland or West Edmonton Mall, what are you teaching them?  Even if you stay home and pay your taxes, your city council, school board, provincial and federal government representatives are all jettsetting on your dime.  Why?  Have they never heard of Skype?

I haven’t been on a plane in over two decades.  Full disclosure, last time I flew, the air pressure in my ears caused me to be deaf for days and the pain upon descent was frightening.  I plan to never board a plane again in my lifetime.  But it’s not just about the pain, it’s about the cost.

If everyone decided to vacation in thier own backyard and spend their money on small, local excursions, then your neighbours would be richer, your skies would be clearer and your children would be educated in a much more focused way.  The world would have been spared some of the most toxic pollution we face and the money saved per capita could contribute to local economies.

That’s my hundred mile diet.