The Middle Class, an open letter to Tom Mulcair (and whomever else may be listening)

Dear Tom Mulcair.

Please stop worrying about the middle class.  Let Trudeau and Harper get mired in that bullshit argument.

Want a Big Idea?  Announce a plan to eliminate poverty.  Create a middle class.  It’s easy.  I’m not even an economist and I can tell you how its done.     Remember the Mincome experiment in Dauphin, Manitoba in the 1970’s?  You would plan to do that, on a national scale and you would raise the money by taxing Banks, Corporations and the very rich.

The research has finally been released and you will find that improvements to public health caused lower emergency care costs and higher rates of education as children opted to stay in school.  Policing costs would also drop as fewer people resort to crime when they can afford basic necessities.     The overall economy would improve as more people could afford to support the small businesses that employ the most people.  Local economies would begin to thrive again as the intense pressure to stretch every dollar relaxed into an environment of achieving quality in our way of life.  The need for charity and food banks would gradually disappear, freeing up yet more financial capital to invest in our creative capital.

It’s not rocket science Tom.  If you want to come to the table, bring a bigger idea than the lightweights who spout talking points about a mythical “class” they both are responsible for the demise of.

Ironically, the mincome project was started the same year that Trudeau Sr. gutted the Bank of Canada in his revision to the Banking Act.  Pretty much killed the progession of the middle class right there.  It’s flatlined ever since, as the National Debt has accrued to the Charter Banks.

Watch a very good explanation of that here.  Bill Abrams, rest his soul.

So, yeah, you’d also want to change the Bank Act, to restore the ability of the Bank of Canada to create currency to fund infrastructure at all three levels of Government, for a small, nominal rate of interest.

You’re welcome.

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