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Happy St-Paddy’s Day–From Sister Sage’s Musings

Funny how I always consider the Sunday when the St-Paddy’s day parade is held here in Montreal. Yes, I spent the afternoon getting soaked.

However, today is the official day, so I shall play a couple of oldies here. Balbulican over at Stageleft has commemorated the occasion with some good ol’ Irish music, some recipes, some folklore, some memories.

There isn’t that much for me to add.¬† I can’t drink beer due to health reasons, so JJ and Balbulican will have to take that beer for me.

My contribution will be a few of my favourite tunes from “The Dubliners”, a group my mom introduced me to a few years back. I send these two tunes out to her.

Both are faves

I don’t know about you, but I have found that there is something comforting about¬† Irish folk music. I hope you do too.

Happy St-Paddy’s Day to All!

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