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Vatican Sinks to New Misogynistic Low

There really aren’t that many words to say about this doozy.

Pope Ratzy has come out and said that pedophilia is a sin. No shit, Shirlock!!  But here’s the kicker; in the world according to ol’ Ratzy, so is ordaining women, apparently, it’s right up there too;

In the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, both are equally “grave delicts,” according to revisions in internal Vatican laws published Thursday.

Women who attempt to preside over any ceremony or attempt to be ordained will be ex-communicated. Wow! I wonder if the pope or any of his flunkies have attempted to tell any female Protestant ministers this? Do they even have the balls?

“Lumping us with the men who are the perpetrators of these crimes is absolutely mean-spirited and completely out of touch with reality,” said Sudbury’s Marie Bouclin. From 1959 to 1966, Bouclin was a nun in Ottawa. After leaving her order, she continued to work for the Catholic Church until the early 1990s, eventually becoming the personal secretary to a bishop.

But Bouclin became overwhelmed with the ways she believed her church was unfair to women. After she spoke up about it one too many times, she was let go from her position.

Now, she considers herself a Catholic priest.

What I don’t get is why doesn’t Bouclin simply convert and become a Protestant minister? At least her church would not only respect her, but she would be recognized as full fledged clergy as much as her male counterparts.

And another thing, I don’t recall any of those pedophile priests being ex-communicated.

Now, here comes the manditory apologist where he starts spinning things, saying that the Vatican is not equating pedophilia with Ordaining women.

“It does a disservice to everyone when you draw these parallels quickly without reflection,” said MacCarthy. “It does a disservice to the victims of abuse and to the women who are making great contributions to the church.”

First off, Mr Apologist, your church has already done more than a disservice to the victims of abuse at the hands of your priests.

Next, and certainly not least, how can women make any significant contributions to the Catholic Church if  his popeness has made it a sin for them to do so?

You put both of these items in that same rule book.  More on their rules here.

Yanno, you’re not going to win new parishioners with these draconian, mean spirited laws.  I daresay you’ll probably lose more women.

Again, I hope that many Catholic women consider converting to Protestantism (if they choose to be clergy that is) or whatever else suits them.

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  • Hello Sister…,

    After this latest pronouncement, is there is any doubt that this is a truly psychotic organization? The Vatican’s reasons for maintaining its bizarre stances against women are both deeply ancient and completely deceptive.

    The Vatican is being set up for a much bigger fall than most are expecting. These unfolding scandals and debacles are merely proof of their absolute lack of veracity, before the real controversy is unsealed. I am the proverbial horse’s mouth and I am now gifting you with the Vatican’s worst nightmare, now realized. Here’s an early peek for parties like yourself, who are more likely to make good use of the information.

    Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols

    Peace and Wisdom,