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Corruption, ad nauseum

Today’s headlines in the CBC (they have since started to bury the story) and the Globe and Mail (strangely, with 0 comments, yet it does not say that comments are disabled) advise us conveniently, just in time for the Liberal leadership race in BC, that all elected officials are completely exonerated in the matter of the BC Rail trial.  That’s what their headines proclaimed anyways.
BC Rail investigation cleared Politicians, the cbc declared, in an article from the canadian press, unattributed,  quoting Special Prosecutor William Bernardino, who many suggest was improperly appointed, in that his business associates were directly associated with the BC Liberal Party. 

Although police initially suspected Gary Collins, who was then finance minister, those doubts were quickly erased as investigators probed deeper into the activities of Basi.

“No elected official was ever implicated in any way and we maintained that throughout the entirety of the court process,” said special prosecutor William Berardino.

Hats off to Bernadino, it couldn’t have been easy to redirect the investigation away from the true criminals!  Finally, at the bottom of the article, they admit that the Crown documents, released yesterday in a very limited way (only to accredited media, who have failed to share the actual documents), represent only one side of the story. 

The files obtained through the courts do not comprise the complete police record — some 50,000 documents — but they do contain the core of the Crown’s successful prosecution.

Michael Bolton, a lawyer for Basi, cautioned that the material provides only a partial picture of a complex case.

“These are investigative materials that are created by the police with advise from the Crown,” he said. “They necessarily contain one-sided information.”

How they can define this mess as a successful prosecution is beyond me, since the defendants suddenly pled guilty just before Gary Collins was set to testify and then inexplicabley were let off on house arrest, with generous terms and a non-disclosure agreement, with their $6 million legal bills covered by us, the citizens and taxpayers.  Against the governments own rules, which state that if a public official is convicted of a crime, the government must recover the legal expenses!
The Mainstream reporters weren’t the only ones in court yesterday to witness the end of the process, Robin Mathews was also there, among others.  Go to the Legislature Raids and read his account.  Then go to the comments and read there.  Take special note that House of Infamy has been removed by Google, or someone.  He hadn’t posted since January 25th, I’ve checked several times.  Yet sometime on February 15th, his blog was removed, with no explanation. I’m going to quote his entire comment over at BC Mary’s here.

kootcoot sez

I was stunned by my first brief exposure to this “release” of documents when I caught it on CeeTeeVee (hardly the)News last night. I had the impression that this was a “custom” document dump concentrating on ONLY documents that incriminated Basi and Virk – just in time to give all the filthy corrupt LIEberal leadership candidates the appearance of new born purity. They also went for the most titillating stuff they could find such as Dave Basi arranging sexual services for a contact. How can Bob and Dave just lie there in their comfortable homes and see themselves portrayed as the REAL sleazebags in the case – I guess six million buys a lot of willingness to be publicly shamed – or put another way, just another form of prostitution!

Christy Clark is apparently as pure as the driven snow, indeed I’m beginning to suspect even Hamish is the result of some immaculate conception. That doesn’t seem to jib with information out there that even though they were conducted more “politely” searches were executed at Mark Marissen’s (wasn’t that Christy’s also at the time?) and Bruce Clark’s offices or residences around the same time as the search warrants were excecuted at the Ledge(with plenty of forewarning to the Premiers office, including an infamous meeting with the then occupant of the musical chair Solicitor General’s office in an airplane hanger somewhere)?

Now we hear that the public is on the verge of not caring about the HST anymore, the stalling and mis-information is working just fine thanks. The recall in Kamloops is going poorly and the campaign to dump Donna Barnett in the Cariboo is being abandoned. Maybe people are really too dumb to practice self government and will always be fleeced by the sharp grifters and tyrants and even learn to love it!

Well, the forces of evil (the BC LIEberals and their cohorts) have really circled the wagons and upped the ante and unfortunately it appears the people are going to lay down and take it in whatever orifice they choose.

I guess they are really confident because they’ve apparently managed to shut down the House of Infamy. I’m currently trying to get some kind of explanation from Google as to why the House has disappeared and all I’ve managed to get so far is that there has been “suspicious activity” on my blog (this at a time when I haven’t posted since January 25) and that is must have been “disabled” due to “perceived” violations of their standards. Unless I get something a little more cogent than this nonsense Google will just naturally join Stephen Harper, the BC liaRs, and Republicans as one of my targets from a different platform.

However for the present I am giving Google a chance to respond to my questions and demand for an explanation – I am perfectly willing to believe that they have been gamed as well as myself. It wouldn’t hurt if anyone who used to visit the House ( took a moment to contact Google and ask them why in the Hell it disappeared. The last visitor was around 12:30PM on Tuesday, February 15 from PoCo, according to my visitor logs which are kept elsewhere and thus still accessible.

They say the pen (or the keyboard, today) is mightier than the sword, but sometimes I wonder if that might not just be another lie promoted by the forces of evil to protect themselves from the justified wrath of those they exploit. Tyrants always figure they hold all the cards, but eventually they always fall, once those they exploit have had enough, however much that is in any given situation.


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  • Thanks for picking up on Kootcoot’s explanation about the theft of his web-site.

    This is a serious matter. It can start happening to the rest of us, too. We need a battle-plan. But where to begin … ?

    Take care, eh?

  • Kim

    Thank you Mary. Indeed, if they can shut down House of Infamy, we are all at risk. Is this the endgame, are they going to pick us off one by one? Kootcoots blog was not offensive to anyone, except maybe the criminals at the top. I hope it doesn’t have the chilling effect they are probably looking for!

  • My advice to all bloggers is Back Up, Back up and make sure that Google (or anyone, but especially Google) doesn’t have CONTROL over your data, information, images and content. If you use gmail, make certain to download family pics etc. that you wouldn’t want to lose access to onto your own machine.

    I’m still waiting for some explanation from google, but the more I hear of others’ experiences with the corporation that once claimed “First, Do no Evil,” the less likely I think any explanation or re-instatement will be. I didn’t back up as well as I should have, but I did back up a lot of it and now I will have a perfect excuse to re-post some of them, if only to re-establish the archives – but it will be on a non Google platform and Google itself, will provide another worthy topic. If Google forgets what it once was it could go the way of usenet, the Commodore 64 and AOL – does anyone remember OS 2 or Netscape?

  • Kim

    Thanks for the good advice Kootcoot. I hope your site is back online soon. Keep us updated with the response from Google, if there is one.

  • Walter

    There was no search warrant executed on Marissen’s home. See this clarification from the Vancouver Sun from November 2008. Marissen might have been the only person in this case to have an actual letter from the RCMP that stated that he was not implicated in the investigation.

    “A timeline published Nov. 28 to accompany stories about the trial of Dave Basi and Bob Virk included photographs of Liberal organizer Mark Marissen and former cabinet minister Christy Clark. When RCMP visited Marissen in 2003, they gave him a letter stating he was not implicated in the investigation but might have been the innocent recipient of some documents. Marissen advises he has had no contact with them since. The Vancouver Sun has no information to suggest that either Marissen or Clark are central figures in this matter, and the inclusion of their photographs was inappropriate.”