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Tea-Baggin’ Racists Once Again Prove to be Historically Challenged

Today is the 57th anniversary of that fateful day Rosa Parks defiantly refused to give up her seat on a city bus.  The White House tweets a pic of President Obama sitting on that bus to commemorate the event.

Righties like the clinically insane Michelle Malkin and her tea-baggin’ friends’ heads all explode.  The blogger over at Little Green Footballs aptly describes Malkin’s  feverish tweeting modus operandi.

Yep, and a beauty from one Adam Baldwin:

BREAKING: White House orders NASA to rename 7th planet “Obamanus”. ~ 

Yep, Adam, that’s gotta be it.

Or how’s about that Obama, whether Democrat or Republican,  owes a just a tad of gratitude to Rosa Parks for his presidency today.  Arguably,  that simple of act of defiance  began the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  Without Ms Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on that bus or the later civil rights’ movements of the 1960s,  Obama would never have been able to run for and become president of the US of A.  How  does that saying go again?  Something like, Rosa Parks kept her seat so Martin Luther King Jr could march so Obama can run?  Oops!

Many righties on Twitter are also quick to point out that it was Republicans who were all about civil rights and the Democrats who were racists and founded the KKK.  Never mind that blatantly obvious on how the tables have turned, havent’ they?

Can you say awkward? I mean, can these useful idiots really come out and say that Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks and many others of that generation would approve of the above photo today?

Jymn, my virtual partner in crime points out the obvious hypocrisy of the right over at his place.  Yes, again, crickets regarding ol’ Dubya.  None of those right wingnuts would ever accuse Dubya or any other Rethuglican of hypocrisy.


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