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Remembering December 6, 1989

Just a few comments and observations regarding today.

Our Quebec government did one thing positive today. It announced that we will be having our own long gun registry.

In light of the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, the Parti Québécois has announced the government will move forward with a bill to mandate the registration of firearms without restrictions. The provincial registry will be implemented as soon as Quebec can obtain the necessary data from the Canadian Firearms Registry.

We’ll see how this will play out. Let’s not forget that the Harpercons are appealing the Quebec Superior court decision which ruled that  Stevie, Vic et al can’t erase our data.  Regardless, I still think we will end up with some kind of  gun registry as this is one thing the Liberals and the CAQ will agree with.  Let’s remember that if our ex-premier Johnny had one redeeming quality, it was that his government was the one that initiated the court proceedings against the Harpercons.  The Liberals would look pretty damned silly if they voted against the minority PQ, now wouldn’t they?  As for CAQ, Frankie Legault was also critical of the scrapping of the long gun registry.  All this to say that I don’t foresee a problem in passing this bill.

As for Justin Trudeau’s remarks not long ago about the long gun registry being a “failure” and that rather insane statement about ‘guns being a part of Canadian culture or identity’, he does have some ‘splainin’ to do — he also said he’d vote again to maintain it.  Also, I do question his timing of such an announcement so soon before the anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre. Honestly, I don’t know what I am more mad at; that announcement or the timing of this announcement.

And what is this lunacy of guns being a part of Canadian identity like Timmy Horton’s and hockey ( again, how low have we sunk??).

I must add that I find the clinically insane gun nuts on the right o sphere, in the Blogging SupposiTories, no less, all slamming Justin Trudeau for his pro-gun statements.  Buy a clue, Justin,  you’re not warming the pro-gun Harpercon cheerleaders to your side.

However, I will say this, because it must be said that ol’ Stevie Spiteful, once upon a time, did support and vote for the long gun registry when it first came out and again in 2nd reading before he was against it.  Something the rabid monkeys over at the Blogging SupposiTories should think about.

Today, people are remembering the Polytechnique massacre. Not just here, but across Canada, which also happens to be the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women including some of today’s youth coming out against violence against gender violence and inequality.

Yes, ol’ Babs Kay and Johnny, the oedipal complex team at the Nasty Post, perhaps the reason why no one bothered much about those Amish girls being shot is that in their culture, women and girls are considered inferior in their old world culture. Ever think of that?   They, as well as those like them, still don’t get that the memorial of the Polytechnique massacre is to bring attention to inequality and violence against women, which unfortunately, is still very much alive and kicking today.  But to them, so much as trying to bring such issues to the forefront is the same as all out male bashing.  They require a separate post, though.  Yech!

Enough commentary for today, boys ‘n’ girls.

Today we remember these 14 young women who only wanted to become engineers or were just at work or in their nursing classes.

As I have done the last few years on this date, I will leave you with this video with the song  CHOM FM morning man, Terry Dimonte played the day after the massacre on his show.

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