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The Final Countdown to Treason

Tweet Tomorrow is the last day to stop the ratification of Harper’s secret treaty with China. Elizabeth May (bless her parliamentarian soul) has been active and vocal against this secret, closed door deal.  Signed by Harper in Russia, of all places. Quietly tabled last month with no disclosure, no debate, none of that . . . → Read More: The Final Countdown to Treason

RCMP Contract

Tweet An open letter to Shirley Bond BC Attorney General Re: RCMP Contract Ms Bond. It is my understanding that you have no plans to consider recent events in policing in British Columbia before you render your decision on renewing the RCMP contract in BC. The events I refer to, in case you . . . → Read More: RCMP Contract

Something is fishy in BC.

Tweet Three stories showed up on my radar today that come together to form a sinking feeling in my gut.  First off, the Deputy Commissioner of the RCMP Gary Bass retired very quietly on March 13.  The rest of the world had their eyes averted to horrors in Japan.  DC Bass had a . . . → Read More: Something is fishy in BC.

Corruption, ad nauseum

Tweet Today’s headlines in the CBC (they have since started to bury the story) and the Globe and Mail (strangely, with 0 comments, yet it does not say that comments are disabled) advise us conveniently, just in time for the Liberal leadership race in BC, that all elected officials are completely exonerated in . . . → Read More: Corruption, ad nauseum

update from BC.


Really the definitive piece for describing the mourning taking place in BC right now…for justice, for freedom of the press, transparency, democracy.  BC Mary, Robin Mathews, Rafe Mair and Peter Ewart have it all.  Including the battle cry to the people, we will not roll over and let you do this on our . . . → Read More: update from BC.

the hanging judge


I have promised to delve into the judiciary and how that pertains to our current crisis in democracy in Canada, but I just can’t possibly do justice (pun intended) to the subject to the degree that Robin Mathews can! From The Legislature Raids   Second article down, by Robin Mathews September 20, 2010. . . . → Read More: the hanging judge