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Nothin’ LIke Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence to Give a Con Meaning in Life–Con MP Wants Iggy Beaten Up-(UPDATE) Con MP Apologizes

No, I don’t mean the Americans today.  I, unfortunately mean Canadian Cons. Like their American counterparts, they prove to be more and more unstable…Like their American counterparts, they are obsessed with killing the long gun registry. Imagine! No one is trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens here. The only thing being asked is to simply register them as you would a dog (cat in some jurisdictions) and car. Like a little extra paper work is going to somehow ruin their lives. Yeesshh!  My take on this is, if you’re a law abiding citizen who owns guns, then you should have nothing to hide; no reason to not do the paperwork.

Well, I can’t believe what I just read; well, if it came from a  Blogging Romper Roomie, I would…many of them have proven they’re not exactly poster children for mental health.   Get this, boys and girls, a Harpercon MP is calling for Iggy to be beaten black and blue over his decision to whip his caucus to vote down the twiggy wannabe with the mullet’s c-391; the bill to scrap the long gun registry. Wow! An MP!

Saskatchewan MP Garry Breitkreuz fired off the release Tuesday, angrily denouncing Ignatieff’s decision to require all Liberal MPs to vote against a private member’s bill that would scrap the controversial long-gun registry.

The Tories have launched an orchestrated campaign to ridicule Ignatieff’s decision and to pressure eight Liberal MPs, who supported the bill at second reading, to stick to their guns when it comes up for a final vote next month.

But Breitkreuz’s missive went well beyond the official party line. Indeed, P.E.I. MP Wayne Easter, one of the eight Liberals the Tories are trying to court, called it “a tirade that’s unbecoming of a member of Parliament.”

Breitkruez, a passionate, longtime gun registry foe, said Ignatieff is “a bully who may well be committing political suicide.”

“With tactics like this, I doubt he’ll be missed on either side of the House,” he said in the release.

Breitkreuz called Ignatieff’s attempt to head off elimination of the registry “an act of desperation that insults the intellect of Canadians.”

“His true colours are showing and, if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.”

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police also wound up in Breitkreuz’s cross-hairs as he mocked opposition MPs’ claims that the registry helps save lives.

“It’s like a cult that is led by organizations of police chiefs who pretend the registry helps them do their jobs. They should be ashamed.”

The police chiefs association supports retention of the gun registry. But Breitkreuz called both it and the Coalition for Gun Control “politically motivated lobby groups that derive financial support from pro-registry sources.”

“Their positions are tainted and suspect in my view because their endorsement can be bought.”

He alleged that a registry software contractor is a “major contributor” to the police chiefs association

Wow! So that’s where many of these hard core Harpercon cheerleaders get their paranoia, cult-ish mentality and instability from!!

Well,  if  Breutkreuz thinks Iggy is committing political suicide, why is he jumping and down in manic paranoia?  If he is sooooo sure Iggy is committing political suicide, then shouldn’t he just leave him the rope to hang himself and sit back and watch the fun? Yeeshh!!! I’m surprised this wingnut walks through life without a helmet.

And, Breutkreuz, aren’t you a member of that law and order, tough on crime party? As such, shouldn’t you be showing more respect for the police forces?

Needless to say,  neither Brother Steve nor his flunkies have anything to say about this one.

Update: And now Breutdreuz “apologizes” .  He apparently, doesn’t want Iggy beaten up to a pulp…hmmm!   His excuse is an even bigger doozy!

“I want to apologize for the language in the news release. It was over the top,” he said in a phone interview from his office.

“I don’t know how that got out of here.”

Yes, Breutkreuz would like everyone to know that the ‘evul soshalist’  dog made him do it!  Oh, what  a  party!

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  • CanNurse

    Oh gawd, CK. The asshole is from …. of COURSE…. Saskatchewan! I’m tellin’ you. It’s HARD hard HARD to live here with these bozos. Unfortunately, he seems to be fairly representative of waaaayy too many! Or maybe we just see them more, cause it’s so flat. Arghghgh! (Can I say I’m in Mntrl, & have you back me up?! Pleeze.)

    Disgusted – AGAIN – in Saskatchewan.

    ck Reply:

    Yeah sure, of course, you get to hear of a fanatical leader of the P Q Pauline Marois obsess and show paranoia about how the French language is disappearing!! Ooooohhhhhh!!! Seriously though, with Charest at his worst nowadays, PQ would be idiotic to not send her packing and find a more suitable leader. But yeah, we can do the Montreal thing if you like.

    This Brightkright-Fright; he does sound scary! And just like a true gun toting American tea-bagger!

  • CanNurse

    From WIKIPEDIA: “Garry W. Breitkreuz (pronounced Bright-Krites) (born October 21, 1945 in Yorkton, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian politician. He is currently the Conservative Party of Canada member of the Canadian House of Commons from Yorkton—Melville.

    A Member of Parliament since 1993, he was formerly a member of the REFORM PARTY of Canada (1993-2000) and the Canadian ALLIANCE (2000-2003). ….
    In 2005, Breitkreuz was granted the SPORT SHOOTING AWARD by the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities.”

  • Torontonian

    Google the man’s name and the word Listeria and
    see what you come up with. Or have you
    forgotten his callousness during the Listeria
    situation of recent times?

    Remember how he tried to close down the
    Canadian Wheat Board?

    Who is this guy working for? Not his constituents.

    He deserves to be in the back benches with the others
    hidden from general view like David Sweet, the ex-
    Promise Keeper.

    Reading his website is chilling–like a Stephen
    King novel.