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That’s Gotta Be a Record

It seems that all four parties have come to an agreement and Bill C-23,  a tough on crime bill that would disallow Karla Homolka  from even applying for a pardon come July 5, just passed, or almost. I think the rest would simply be a formality .

Bill C-23 would bar those convicted of serious violent or sexual crimes from applying for a pardon. On Monday it received second reading, and is currently before the public safety committee.

Wow! After a year of the government gettning nothing done. All of a sudden, for the sake of showmanship no doubt. I wonder what else motivated this quick like a bunny act?

Did Steve pack in a whole shit load of goodies and well, shit like he does with most of his bills? Or he just simply didn’t have time to   come up with any more strawmen or anything insidious? After all, that world record breaking expensive photo op is coming up.

Oops! Spoke too soon!

Other more contentious provisions of the bill will proceed at a more leisurely pace when Parliament resumes in late September.

I guess I knew that was coming. Late September, right around my Birthday, new insidious Harpercon tough on crime measures to be passed.

As I said, all of that melodrama was & will continue to be more than likely for nought. It was doubtful that Homolka would have asked for  a pardon in the first place .

2 comments to That’s Gotta Be a Record

  • Torontonian


    The phrase has a wrong spelling:

    melodrama was more than likely for not.

    The word you want is nought.

    The British tic tac toe game is known as noughts and crosses.

    So, nought it is, then

    ck Reply:

    corrected & thanks